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Four Summer Dishes of Jeonju, a UNESCO City of Gastronomy: Bibim Bingsu, Jeonju Gamaek, Konguksu, Soba

The highlight of a trip is often the local food. In Jeonju, a UNESCO City of Gastronomy and a city of Korean traditional gourmet dishes, you’ll find some nationwide-famous gourmet dishes that will save you from the summer heatwave. Let’s start now.

Bibim Bingsu

The season of bingsu (Korean shaved ice with sweet toppings) is here. When the temperature rises above 25C, a big cup of bingsu seems almost indispensable. There are different bingsu dishes with all kinds of toppings, but Jeonju has the most ‘grandiose’ bingsu of all. It’s called ‘Bibim Bingsu’.

Bibim Bingsu resembles the famous Jeonju Bibimbap. The rice in the bibimbap is represented through shaved milk ice, the vegetables through fruits, and the fried eggs through colored jellies. From a distance, it looks like a genuine Jeonju Bibimbap.

Bibim Bingsu is served in a brassware bowl, which keeps the bingsu cold and fresh until finishing the bowl. The best way to eat Bibim Bingsu is starting by sprinkling the strawberry puree topping on the top, just like sprinkling gochujang (red chili pepper paste) on the top of bibimbap. Then, mix everything. Bibim Bingsu is served at the restaurant ‘Bubeuim Onn’, inside the Korea Traditional Culture Center.

Jeonju Gamaek

Cold beers are best in hot summer. Jeonju is renowned for its unique beer culture, gamaek. Literally ‘corner store beer’, gamaek is the culture of drinking beer at a neighborhood corner store with some nibbles.

Cold beers are mostly nice in summer, but each Jeonju gamaek has their own unique nibble dishes that goes well with cold beer: chili pepper fried chicken in ‘Yeongdong Super’, ‘fresh seasonal seafood such as squid in ‘Pungnam Super’, and briquet-grilled dried pollack and cuttlefish in ‘Jeonil Super’, for example. It’s Jeonju, so it’s almost guaranteed any gamaek place you stumble upon will be great.


Jeonju Kongguksu

Have you tried kongguksu (noodles with cold soybean soup)? Jeonju has several best kongguksu venues in Korea. The cold soybean soup, made with local soybeans, is very flavorsome and thick. However, the texture is surprisingly creamy. People say the soybean soup is almost the ‘soy cream’.

The noodle, made with buckwheat, is also important for making Jeonju kongguksu. The firm texture of the noodle is very pleasant. Also, the flavor of the cold soybean soup goes well with kimchi. In Jeonju, kongguksu is a rather sweet dish. The most famous kongguksu venues are Taepyeongjip, Geumam Soba, Jinmijip, and Veteran Kalguksu.


Jeonju Soba

Soba is traditionally a cold dish popular in summer. And Jeonju has some nation-wide famous soba venues. The flavorsome soba soup is brew with dried skipjacks, anchovies, and kelp. It’s savory with both sweet and salty flavors.

The buckwheat noodle goes fantastically well with the cold soup. The Jeonju-style soba looks similar to naengmeon (the Korean cold noodle) – the noodle is served inside the soup. I recommend Seoul Soba, Haemil Soba, Veteran Kalguksu, Taepyeongjip, Geumam Meonok, and Kendo Soba. It’ll interesting to visit different soba places and finding your own favorite venue.

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  • Beverly Valdestamon

    Bibim Bingsu looks amazing! Definitely trying one of those.

  • Jared Sandler

    Thanks for introducing Jeonju city’s four most popular delicious summer dishes. The photos and descriptions of ‘soba’ remind me of makguksu. Also, bibim bingsu is a colorful sweet summer dessert idea particular to Jeonju City. I have never seen bibim bingsu served anywhere else in Korea. Very creative concept to represent rice through shaved milk ice, represent vegetables through various fruits, and represent fried eggs through a multitude of colored jellies.

  • Kajal Bistt

    Bibim Bingsu resembles the famous Jeonju Bibimbap. Thanks for sharing this summer dishes with us i have found this kind of dish only in Korea although the taste of Korean dishes is really awesome. that’s very delicious.

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    I did not heard before about the combination of bibimbap and bingsu hehe. Definitely I should try it!.

  • Nisha Nisha

    Dear, team Jeonjucity ♦️♦️♦️is really an emerging city of korea its food, village, and many other things is worldwide famous.
    I like to taste bibimbap. Bibimbap is not only super delicious but also definitely a healthy dish as it offers a balance of all three macronutrients which translates to a suitable range of calories.Definitely I should try it!.😋😋😋😋

  • Rakhi Sharma

    Dear, [Jeonjucity ]
    Korean dishes are always super delicious and awesome in taste some of these are health beneficial to. The
    Jeonju GAMAEK is my favourite. The Gamaek Festival, one of Jeonju’s signature festivals that celebrate the city’s unique drinking culture, i like to taste Bibimbap😋😋😋😋. It is only only delicious in taste but healthy like kimchi.

  • Absar Ali

    Dear 🌼 Jeonju

    I have heard this name for the first time in my life, Bibim Bingsu. I am trying to make it using the method you have mentioned, I thank you from my heart for this wonderful meal, after seeing this food, I feel like traveling to Jeonju. Bibim Bingsu is served at Bubeim Own restaurant. Bubeim Or Restaurant is famous in Korea for its excellent cuisine. My wife and I like to enjoy this delicious food in this restaurant. Children’s holidays are going on at this time. A few days later, with his entire family, Jeonju is coming to visit.

  • Jaguar Jaguar

    Hey 💕 Jeonju all about korea

    I want to enjoy all these delicacies Jeonju is known as good places as well as making great dishes. The most famous Kongguxu places to visit when I visit Jeonju are Taipeongjip, Geumm Soba, Jinmeejip and many more worth eating and trying. The famous Jeonju kongguksu tastes amazing. It is sweet to eat. I would like to consume it to get rid of mild hunger.

    Jeonju is seen in a different color this year Coming soon

  • Rasheed Naz

    I like this event .Korean dishes is good taste but this is new and good taste

  • Sharik Ali

    Dear, Jeonjucity 😍😍😍 I’ve been exposed to Korean food since childhood but my experience was limited to the most popular Korean dishes.
    Jeonju bibimbap a traditional local food, is well known across South Korea. It tastes superb delicious i like to taste😋😋😋 it once. I also want to enjoy a meal of Jeonju SOBA i heard that it also taste very awesome.

  • Ruperdra Singh

    Dear, Jeonjucity
    Jeonju is a city famous for the Jeonju hanok village, delicious Jeonju bibimbap and traditional Korean alcohol. It is the perfect place to go on a weekend or Jeonju day trip from Seoul.
    Jeonju food is worldwide famous. Summer food is also very delicious. I like to eat soba once kn my trip to korea . The buckwheat noodle goes fantastically well with the cold soup. The Jeonju-style soba looks similar to naengmeon (the Korean cold noodle) – the noodle is served inside the soup.

  • Palak Thakur

    Summer in Korea always brings hot temperature and many days of rain. Being able to bare the heat and humid weather is crucial and fortunately there are many Korean dishes that can give you relief and restore your stamina.

    👉Kongguksu is my favourite food for summers This dish is one of my favorites, and it brings me back memories of my time in Korea. The soy beans are boiled ,and then put them in a blender.

  • Abbey Fox

    WOW the bibim bingsu looks amazing!

  • Zoe Robbins

    YUM! Haha shouldn’t have read this before lunch, it made me so hungry! I’ve never seen bibim bingsu, I can’t wait to try it. Going to plan a trip to Jeonju soon!

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    Wow…Delicious and enriched items for heavenly breaks.

  • Human Bhattarai


  • Jem Dela Cruz

    This post that makes us interested more in Jeonju foods. It looks all delicious and it always detailed for us the readers to understand well. I hope some tourists will visit here and try these various foods.

  • Dianna Kit

    The colorful flavors makes it very attractive for those that are new to Korea and great for the summer season as well.

  • Noripy Kwok

    I have been to jeonju many times yet what I miss the most it’s their bibimbap, soba like introduced here.
    Still can’t find such good soba and bibimbap outside of jeonju!!! Therefore these are MUST try 🙂