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Discover Your Special Hobby with a One-Day Class in Jeonju!

Do you have hobbies?
If you’re tired of the same daily routine because of work and study, why not try a new hobby?
Worried about the cost of materials and class fees? With “Jeonju One-Day Class,” you can try something out first to see what you like.
“Is it even possible to learn something like that?”
Join us in discovering the unique and innovative hobbies available in Jeonju.


“Discover your own special hobby with a Jeonju one-day class.”

| Jeonju One-Day Class – Hoho Candy Hand Painting: Folk Painting

Folk painting is a reflection of the Korean spirit, created following traditional customs passed down through the ages.
Folk paintings were not just for decoration but were also believed to ward off evil spirits or attract good fortune.

These paintings feature symbols of longevity, representations of success like carp, and moral values like loyalty and filial piety.

My visit was to ‘Hoho Candy Hand Painting.’
Hoping for wealth, I painted peonies and butterflies this year.
Painting something I wasn’t used to was challenging, with issues in controlling the water and my hands shaking.

Despite this, wanting a respectable painting to hang at home, I signed up for a 4-week class. There, I saw other students’ paintings, including scenes that reminded me of “Ilwolobongdo” and Buddhist paintings.
Preparing for a competition shows the high level of some hobbyists.

Next, I’m interested in painting something that would go well with my room’s decor.
Why not try folk painting as a new hobby?



| Jeonju One-Day Class – Tamnarang: Fur Wire Doll & Bouquet Gift.

There’s a growing interest in cute accessories and collectibles.
As keychains and small dolls become trendy again, personalized DIY accessories are in demand.

Projects to preserve meaningful items from special events are also popular.
If you’re thinking about someone special and want to give them a unique gift, why not try visiting ‘Tamnarang’ to create a fur wire doll and bouquet gift?

A fur wire doll is a doll made from wire wrapped in wool, known as moru wire.
These fluffy, adorable dolls are incredibly popular, to the point where you could find every accessory imaginable for them, from hairpins and pearl necklaces to sunglasses.
They even come with a variety of clothes, which could leave you feeling indecisive because of all the options.

This could also be a thoughtful gift for a close family member or a dear friend who has experienced receiving a wedding bouquet.
It was once believed that burning a bouquet dried for 100 days would lead to a happy marriage, but this often led to failure due to bugs or the bouquet decaying during the drying process.

Nowadays, it’s trendy to preserve meaningful bouquets as herbariums, gel candle holders, coasters, or wax tablets, allowing you to keep a significant floral arrangement for a long time.
Plus, it looks twice as lovely at home!!



| Jeonju One-Day Class – Bantenace: Creating MBTI Perfume & Glass Art

The MBTI personality test is very popular for helping people understand their preferences in love, compatibility, career, and hobbies.
At the ‘Bantenace’ workshop, you can create your own custom perfume, choosing scents that match your personality and preferred base fragrances.

At first, I wondered, “What does MBTI have to do with the scents I like?” However, immersing myself in the subtle fragrances and focusing on my sense of smell provided a unique experience, akin to being a perfumer.

It was interesting to learn that the perception of a scent could vary slightly based on your condition or its combination on any given day.

Also, this workshop offers the chance to try glass art.
Glass art, resembling stained glass but simpler, does not require glass cutting or soldering.
You can easily and safely create stained glass-like crafts using glass film and lead tape.
Welcome to this fascinating world of hobbies!
I’ve introduced you to a variety of hobbies you can explore with Jeonju one-day classes.
This year, why not learn a new hobby or two and craft special gifts for yourself and those you care about?



📍Hoho Candy Hand Painting
Hoho Candy Hand Painting, 2F, 59 Seosincheonbyeon-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do

📍 Tamnarang
Tamnarang, 2F, 13 Mullebanga 1-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do

📍 Bantenace
Bantenace, 3F 302, 67 Hyeonmu 3-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do

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