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Famous Broth Dishes in Jeonju from the Netflix Foodie Show “A Nation of Broth”

I believe that the most Korean dish is gukbap (a Korean dish made by putting cooked rice into a hot soup or boiling cooked rice in a soup). Gukbap has been a hearty and affordable dish. Today, I’ll introduce two gukbap venues in Jeonju Nambu Market, Yetnal Pisundae and Hyundaeok.

The two venues appeared in the second episode of the Netflix foodie show “A Nation of Broth”. The show was released last May and features celebrities visiting the best broth dish places around Korea. You might want to watch the show before your trip to Korea!

​Both Yetnal Pisundae and Hyundaeok are located inside the Jeonju Nambu Market.


Yetnal Pisundae

Yetnal Pisundae is located inside Jeonju Nambu Market. It’s the only venue open 24 hours among the sundae (Korean blood sausage with various fillings) gukbap places in the market.

This is the menu. There are different gukbap dishes with different toppings (of pork) and the dishes that go well with any gukbap dishes such as the blood sausage and the boiled pork.

Pisundae (Korean blood sausage) is served quite fast. I ordered the smaller size, but it was still a very big portion.

The sausage looked glazed and well-stuffed. The texture was very soft. Also, there weren’t any unpleasant pork smell.

Pisundae is served with three dipping sauces: pickled small shrimp, ssamjang (a thick spicy paste made with Korean soybean paste, Korean chili paste, and other seasonings), and chojang (vinegary Korean chili paste). Different regions in Korea use different dipping sauces for sundae.

I made sundae wrapped in a sesame leaf.

A boiling sundae gukbap is served in an earthenware.

Seasoned fresh scallions enhance the flavor of sundae gukbap.

The broth was thick and spicy. Also, the firm and chewy texture of the intestines went well with crunchy scallions and soft sundae.

The sundae gukbap made me sweat a bit but I felt refreshed after finished the bowl.


​Yetnal Pisundae
Address: Pungnammun 2gil 63, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-288-0082
Opening hours: 24hrs



Hyundaeok is nationwide famous for kongnamul gukbap (bean sprouts soup with rice). The venue is located across Yetnal Pisundae and is open only from 06:00 to 14:00.

The premise was exactly like “A Nation of Broth”. I sat on the table hearing the sound of chopping spring onions, garlics, and chili peppers.

There’s only one main dish: kongnamul gukbap. Chopped squid, which goes well with kongnamul gukbap, is also on the menu. The customers can choose the spiciness of the kongnamul gukbap, mild, average, or hot.

The broth is boiled in a huge cauldron for a long time. It’s supposed to enhance the flavor.

The chopping board testifies to how old this venue is. Depending on the spiciness, the amount of spring onions, garlics, and chili peppers on the chopping board changes.

In fact, gukbap is a fast food because the food is usually already boiling in a big cauldron. My kongnamul gukbap is served in a minute upon making the order.

I ordered the hot flavor, so I see that my gukbap is topped with good amount of chili pepper, garlic, and spring onion. I also added the squid. I love this visual.

The rice is already inside the earthenware. Also, the temperature of the food is not too hot.

Kongnamul gukbap is usually served with a poached egg. I recommend adding 3-4 spoons of the broth to the poached egg. Laver, squid, or bean sprout also goes well with the egg.

Kongnamul gukbap goes well with the side dishes. It’s a dish famous for hangover relief. If you plan to visit Jeonju during your stay in Korea, make sure you visit these venues and try the Korean soul (and also fast) food!


Hyundaeok (Nambu Market Branch)
Address: Pungnammun 2gil 63, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 263-282-7214
Opening hours: 06:00-14:00

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  • Jared Sandler

    At Hyundaeok, the kongnamul gukbap looks scrumptuous with the squid topping. I wonder if the poached egg is intended to be eaten separately or together with the kongnamul gukbap. Yetnal Pisundae appears to be an excellent choice late at night for sundae gukbap. Since Yetnal Pisundae never closes, I wonder what time the restaurant is flooded with the most customers. What time do Korean people usually eat sundae gukbap?

  • Bapi Mukherjee

    It is really very interesting to know two Gukbap Speciality Restaurants named YETNAL PISUNDAE and HYUNDAROK in Jeonju Nambu Market !!!

  • Chocoviv

    Thank you for sharing!