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Enjoy a bike ride along the river from Songcheon-dong in Jeonju to Gosan in Wanju-gun

“Biking from Songcheon-dong in Jeonju to Gosan in Wanju-gun”

June, a month full of lush greenery and cool breezes
I’ll introduce a bike path that allows you to enjoy the cooler weather from Jeonju to Gosan in Wanju-gun.

Route: Jeonju Eco City – Gwahak-ro – Hoepo Bridge – Bongdong – Gosan Park Golf Course
(Round trip is about 36Km / leisurely pace takes about 3 hours)

I started biking at 7:30 AM from Songcheon-dong
I biked on the outer roads of block 7 in Eco City, which were well-maintained and clean thanks to recent weed control work.

While riding along Science Road from the outskirts of Eco City toward Bongdong, I noticed that rice farming preparations were in full swing.
Isn’t this a scene you seldom see in the city?

After crossing the Hoepo Bridge, the longest bridge to Bongdong, you can start enjoying the dedicated bike path as you descend to the right.

There’s also a route from Hoepo Bridge towards Samrye and Iksan.
The route towards Iksan has younger trees, so many riders opt for the shaded road, as there isn’t much shade from the trees yet.
It would be great if those trees grew quickly to provide some shade.

That day, I rode towards the shaded areas of Bongdong and Gosan in Wanju-gun.
As I went down the dedicated bike path, I could see Hoepo Bridge, Eco City, and Moaksan Mountain in the distance.

On my way to Bongdong, I met up with a friend who also enjoys biking.
It wasn’t just me anymore; we started riding together.

As we chatted and pedaled, we quickly arrived in Bongdong.
The riverbank in Bongdong town is densely shaded by trees, making it very pleasant.

Does this shade tunnel I photographed look refreshing to you?

At the Bongdong Zelkova rest area, we decided to take a short break.
The Zelkova rest area is equipped with bathrooms and exercise equipment and is a favorite spot for many to relax.
After drinking some water and using the clean bathrooms, we continued towards Gosan in Wanju.

I captured images of the serene waters of the Gosan Stream reflecting the mountains, and I also snapped a photo with my bike.

We passed the Rose of Sharon path at the entrance to Gosan and a well-known local restaurant, heading to our final destination, a park golf course surrounded by beautiful metasequoia trees.

There’s a pleasant gazebo in the park golf course where it’s nice to rest.
While resting, I noticed many active seniors enjoying park golf early in the morning; it was inspiring to see them engaged in exercise.

After fully recharging at the park golf course, we started our journey back.
More and more riders began to appear on the path.

After parting with my friend in Bongdong and riding alone under the clear blue sky, the quiet bike path felt peaceful.

I paused for a moment to take some landscape photos.
Being close to nature and away from the city brought me joy.

From Songcheon-dong in Jeonju to Gosan in Wanju-gun!
Why not try out the route I recommended today before the heat sets in?


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