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Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum(Jeonju Traditional Alcoholic Drink Museum) visited by BTS


A few years ago j-hope and SUGA of BTS made a home-brew liquor while visiting Jeonju. In the past, most Korean households used to make their own home-brew. Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum has been promoting the home-brew culture. If you’re visiting Jeonju, I suggest experiencing the home-brew at the museum!

Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum is the first of its kind in Korea. The museum is located near Jeonju Hanok Village public parking.


Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum runs home-brew liquor experiences. The museum also promotes and preserves the Korean home-brew culture. The museum also holds exhibitions on the Korean traditional wine.

The museum’s premise is a hanok building. It must be nice to take photos here in hanbok!

I spotted a cartoon about making a home-brew liquor and the map of Jeonju Hanok Village.

I loved the hanok building in the rainy day and the waterway carved on the rock.

Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum also holds exhibitions about the Korean traditional wine culture.

I learned a lot about how people used to make a home-brew and malt. It could be a good idea to visit the exhibition before the home-brew experience.

I also learned why the home-brewing disappeared in Korea.

These are the experiences currently run by the museum. Although it’s an alcohol museum, there are experiences for children too. The experiences must be booked 2-3 days in advance via phone. I booked BTS experience package which consist of making a traditional home-brew, tasting traditional wine, and tasting moju (a local rice wine boiled down with herbs).

For the experience, all the ingredients are prepared by the museum. The director of the museum gave a very short lecture about the home-brew and the Korean traditional wine culture before starting the experience. Children were accompanied by adults.

In a brass bowl, I added hard-boiled rice, malt, and water. I gently mixed the malt and the rice so that the rice doesn’t break. When all the ingredients are mixed enough, it smelled quite sweet! Then, I put the mix into the container and sealed it tightly. I returned home with the container, and it already smells quite nice!

Then, I experienced the traditional wine tasting. I tasted five Korean traditional liquor. The biggest bowl is for takju (coarse, unrefined liquor). The medium-sized bowl is for chungju (clear liquor). The smallest bowl is for soju (distilled liquor). The director explained how the liquors are made and how to properly taste each liquor. It was a fun time.

The moju experience was held in a building named ‘Gyeyoungwon’. The building also exhibited the traditional local liquors. BTS visited here to experience moju. People were taking photos in the spot where the BTS members sat.

Moju has little amount of alcohol and contains many good oriental medicinal herbs. Hence, moju is considered good for hangover. At Gyeyoungwon, visitors can try free moju tasting too.

If you’re a BTS fan and tried the BTS experience package with the museum, you’re currently entitled to a bottle of home-brew moju. I had fund time learning and experiencing at Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum!


Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum
Address: Hanjigil 74, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-287-6305
Opening hours: 9:00~18:00 (closed on Mondays)
Homepage: ​http://urisul.net/


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  • Jared Sandler

    In Seoul, there is a Korean Food Promotion Institute, which also has a dedicated area to various Korean alcoholic brews. I wonder if there are a lot of similarities between Jeonju Traditional Korean Wine Museum and Korean Food Promotion Institute, such as offering wine and moju tasting to visitors.

  • Bapi Mukherjee

    It is really very interesting to know regarding Jeonju Korean Traditional Wine Museum holds an Exhibitions on the Korean traditional wine Culture and causes for the disappearance of home-brewing Culture of Korea! Thank you Team Jeonju City Blog for presenting such an AMAZING Post !!!

  • Quirinus

    Oh god mine too, and currently i have modules to be passed on april 1 and i just finished 2 out of them all, i still haven’t even reviewed yet😭🤧🤧

  • waterbear06

    that not “against common sense” girl XDDD they’re facts. and don’t worry he won’t hand you over to this disgusting person.even if he did you know how to handle him right? kick that duke as well if he hand you over to him

  • Lau Jia Hui

    I cant seem to find the BTS package to book online on their website. Is there a email or phone contact I can connect via text instead of call? As I am not local 🙂