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The “Night Tourism Specialized City” Jeonju features the Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse evening party.

“Night Tourism Specialized City” Jeonju is showcased by Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse’s evening party.

With the arrival of spring, the weather is now perfect for outings.

Jeonju, chosen as the Night Tourism Specialized City for 2023, continues to host various nighttime events into 2024.

Today, I attended the Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse Night Party, part of the first half-year program at Jeonju Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse.

The entry fee for the Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse Night Party is 10,000 KRW, and you can reserve your spot on the TMON website.

You can also make reservations by phone or register on-site, with a limit of 100 people per session.

The ticket price includes a traditional snack platter served by the governor.

he assortment includes MZ cookies, jelly rice cakes, rice pudding, dried persimmon sweets, and more.

These snacks are all award winners from the Jeonju dessert contest “A Bite of Jeonju.” My favorite was the jelly rice cake!

Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse, registered as Treasure No. 583, is a historical site that welcomed and accommodated dignitaries, symbolizing Jeonju’s status as the birthplace of Joseon.

The Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse Night Party is held every Saturday in April from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

Right at the start, characters from the Joseon era named Flower and Moon introduced the history of Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse.

You can watch a traditional dance performance alongside the mystical legend of a shooting star that signals the beginning of love.

The story of new beginnings and love at Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse made for a very interesting and fun evening.

The variety of themed performances at the Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse night party made the evening enjoyable and memorable!

The drum and tango performances were particularly memorable.

Set against Jeonju’s historical Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse, the fusion performance allowed us to experience both the past and present.

During the ‘Moonlight Dance,’ it was a lively time where performers and the audience enjoyed the music together.

From Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse at the heart of Jeonju, various events are prepared, including Club The 8 at Factory of Contemporary Arts in Palbok, delicious late-night cinema, and a summer beer garden.

All these are distinctive programs that highlight Jeonju as a Night Tourism Specialized City.

Updates about these events can be found on the official Instagram.

I’m looking forward to experiencing more unique nights in Jeonju.

The <pungpaejigwan guesthouse night party>, capturing both the visual and taste senses, is held every Saturday night in April and will return in the second half of the year (September).

n the second half, a performance combining animation, traditional dance, and Korean music is planned.


It was a Saturday night at Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse, blending traditional cultural performances and culinary experiences.

The “Joseon Night Party” at Jeonju Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse is scheduled every Saturday night until the 27th.

Aren’t you curious about the mystical stories unfolding at Pungpaejigwan Guesthouse?

In Jeonju, the Night Tourism Specialized City, enjoy an exceptional spring night.



📍 Jeonju Pungpaejigwan  59 Chunggyeong-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do

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