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Three Charming Hanok Cafés in Gaekridan-gil Street

Jeonju is famous for the well-preserved hanok (Korean traditional building) buildings. Today, I’ll introduce hanok cafes in Gaekridan-gil street.


Café Gyeongwoo

The first destination is Café Gyeongwoo.

I entered the gate and soon was in front of the café with a small courtyard. This café has good photo spots from the entrance.

The QR code check-in are done simultaneously with ordering.

There are a variety of beverages from coffee, tea, and juice, to misugaru (roast grain powder drink). Oat milk is also available for those ordering the milk-based beverages.

There are also a range of desserts, such as cakes, cookies, financier, and more. All the desserts are home-made.

It wasn’t a huge café, but still seemed enough to accommodate large number of customers. The tables varied in size.

There were also some lovely outdoor seats.

I had fun looking at such ‘retro’ stuffs decorating the café.

At the courtyards in front and back of the building were nice gardens with trees and flowers.

I ordered the café americano, grapefruit-ade, dacquoise, and financier. I really liked the desserts.

Thanks to the outdoor lightings, the atmosphere of the cafe seemed quite different in the evening. Also, there’s a really cute cat running around the café.


Café Gyeongwoo

Address: Jeonjugaeksa 4gil 43-6, Wansangu, Jeonju
Opening hours: 12:00~22:00 (closed on Tuesdays)
Contact: 063-285-2018
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cafe.gyeongwoo/

​Namoo Radio

Namoo Radio is a café located on an alley.

After the yellow gate is a small hanok building.

The café seemed like a cozy hideaway.

I liked the bright seat in the small outdoor space.

The tables varied in size. The only ‘loft’ seat seemed rather popular.

There were many ‘vintage’ stuffs inside and outside the building. Namoo Radio is a café that offers beverages and desserts in biodegradable containers instead of plastic ones.

The cute pictures and nice words (‘we can be happy’) made me smile.

There are different beverages, waffles, and cakes on the menu. I ordered the basic waffle and café americano.

Namoo Radio
Address: Jeonjugaeksa 3gil 46-5, Wansangu, Jeonju
Opening hours: 12:00~22:00 (closed on Wednesdays)
Contact: 063-232-7007
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cafe_namooradio/

Mokryunul Bootakhae

Our last hanok café today is Mokryunul Bootakhae. It’s also located on an alley.

This is the biggest café introduced in this post.

There are seats both indoor and outdoor.

It seems that the hanok cafes usually decorate the interior with vintage stuffs. I liked the were old film cameras and old textbooks in front of the counter.

On a wall was the story of how the owner worked hard to open this café. Everything in the café, from a doorknob and lightings to the vintage stuffs, is personally prepared by the owner. Given the café’s name (‘Mokryun’ means magnolia), I’ll return here when the magnolias in the courtyard bloom.

On the menu were a variety of beverages and homemade desserts. I ordered a piece of the basque cheesecake, which went really well with my coffee. The café also takes orders for whole cakes.


Mokryunul Bootakhae
Address: Jeonjugaeksa 3gil 46-35, Wansangu, Jeonju
Opening hours: 12:00~22:30
Contact: 0507-1429-4004
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cafe.mokryun/

Today, I introduced three hanok cafes in the Gaekridan-gil area. All three cafes were magnificent with vintage charms, cozy atmosphere of the hanok building, and the flowers and trees. I highly recommend all three!

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    Hanok cafes in Gaekridan-gil street recall the nostalgic days.

  • Mason Williams

    I love when traditional meets modern. I’ve been to a few Hanok cafes in Korea and they are amazing comfortable. They are usually a great place to end the day on a super positive note. I look forward to trying these places in Jeonju.

  • Jared Sandler

    It seems like Hanok cafes are located all over Jeonju City, but are particularly visible in Gaekridan-Gil Street. The outdoor seating arrangement at ‘Café Gyeongwoo’ appears to be a peaceful and refreshing place to relax. The vintage collectibles also add substance and legitimacy to Café Gyeongwoo’s ambience. Also catching my eye was the loft seat in ‘Namoo Radio’.