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Cool Down at Jeonju Hanok Village: Jeonjuchun River and Cheonngyeonru Pavilion

With the hot and sunny days, the summer is peaking. Jeonju Hanok Village, always teeming with people, seems particularly warmer. But there are still good ways to take shelter from the heat and cool down: spending time at the Jeonjuchun River and the Cheongyeonru Pavilion.

Take a dip at the clean Jeonjuchun River 


The Jeonjuchun River runs through the city of Jeonju. It’s the river that flows under the beautiful Hanbyukru Pavilion and Namcheongyo Bridge. Until the late 90s, the river was quite polluted. However, after the city spent five years to restore the river, the river has become even safe enough to drink.

The Jeonjuchun River is frequented by visitors dipping their feet, kids taking a full dip, and local elders passing time. Before the pollution, children swam in the river in summer and rode sleighs in winter. It’s fascinating that children are back in the clean river. I feel cooling down even by watching them play. People enjoying nature do look beautiful.


Cool breeze blowing through the Cheongyeonru Pavilion

Cheongyeonru is the pavilion built in the middle of Namcheongyo, a bridge above the Jeonjuchun River.


Do you see the dragon’s head?

Namcheongyo is historically known as the place in Jeonju to enjoy both stunning view of the mountains and the cool breeze blowing over the river.

During the daytime, the pavilion is usually frequented by the locals. But after sunset, it’s mostly the visitors from Jeonju Hanok Village that enjoy the night view of from the bridge. It’s nice to see people having a good time on the pavilion.


Enjoying summer at Jeonju Hanok Village

It’s been a particularly hot summer. But I want to remind you, this summer will never return. However, if you had a good time at Jeonju Hanok Village, the Jeonjuchun River, and the Cheongyeonru Pavilion this year, surely you won’t regret the passing of this summer. You have a whole summer to take a dip at the Jeonjuchun River and enjoy the summer night at the Cheongyeonru Pavilion!

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  • Suhel Ahmad

    Dear, Jeonjucity
    With families and couples who love the beautiful memories Summer is always able to do better with all sincerity available at hanok village.
    I like summer very much summer is really good for enjoyment like diving, swimming etc it’s all in Jeonju city full of fun.It’s been a particularly hot summer. But I want to remind you, this summer will never return enjoy your time in the best Jeonjucity

  • Jared Sandler

    Photos of the Jeonjuchun River in this blog look peaceful and are a nice oasis escape away from the hustle of city life. Adults can learn a lot from children; if kids are able to swim in the restored pollution-free Jeonjuchun River, perhaps adults can try to reclaim their youthful exuberance and take a dip, too!

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    The Jeonjuchun River and Cheongyeonru pavilion brings out the charm and gaiety of

    Jeonju. The people friendly ambience add another feather in the cap of the Jeonju .

  • Sameer Alam

    By this post i came to know about the best enjoyment of summer with protecting our nature. Jeonjucity is really in every format i like to visit it soon.

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    I am very impressed with Jeonju all about korea’s page. This page is really very useful and informative. I want to visit Jeonju Hanok Village in summer days. This place is very beautiful and full of natural beauty. I want to take full advantage of the cool natural breeze of the river located near Jeonju Hanok Village.

  • Riyaz Marcos

    This is really nice and wonderful place. I want to visit Jeonju Hanok Village. I have a great love for Korean culture. I want to visit Hanok Village and know a lot more about Korean culture. Hanok Village is actually my very popular tourist destination.

    Thanks a lot 🙏, 🙏💓

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    awesome place

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    Looks so fun!

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    So nice place! Looks very beautiful at night!