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Two Scenic Viewpoints of Jeonju for Clear Days

We have more days with clear blue sky this year, since less factories are operational due to the COVID19. Today, I’ll introduce two spots with great scenic views in Jeonju.

The mountain view from Kirinbong

The first destination is Kirinbong, a mountain enclosing the east of Jeonju. It’s only 271 meters high, but some trails have rather steep sections. An adult woman can climb and descend Kirinbong in about two hours.

I set foot on the trail starting from Ajung Cheryun Gongwon (park). Parking is readily available here. Soon I was in the lush forest. I took the photo of a bird.

I took the small trail right next to the pavilion on the photo. This trail was rather steep, so I recommend staying on the paved trail leading to a temple.

I was soon sweating a lot. But the sky was very clear and blue.

This is the first viewpoint. I could see the Ajungri area very well. I loved the harmony of the clear blue sky and the blue Ajung Lake.

I finally arrived at the peak of Kirinbong and had the whole city of Jeonju under my feet. I could even spot the Jeonbuk Provincial Office, located at the western end of Jeonju. Especially during hot summer days, if you start early in the morning, the climb will be much more pleasant.



Address: Wooadong 1ga, Deokjingu, Jeonju


The city view from Onul Naui Sunmul Kot Café (flower café)

Our next destination, Onul Naui Sunmul Kot Café, boasts the view of the blue sky above the bustling city. The café is located on the six floor of a building in the Sinsigaji area. The wide open terrace is magnificent.

The café has two retrievers and a cat. They love people, are very gentle, and like getting patted.

The café is also a flower shop, so flowerpots and trees are everywhere in the café. With the numerous flowerpots and the cityscape under the clear blue sky, the terrace even felt magical, as if I was standing above the air surrounded by the scent of flowers.

These are two spots in Jeonju for enjoying the clear blue sky. If you’re too busy to travel far, I highly recommend visiting these two places.


Onul Naui Sunmul Kot Café

Address: Hongsan Bukro 46-21 6th floor, Wansangu, Jeonju

Contact: 010-3459-4789

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  • Melissa

    The flower shop cafe looks amazing ~~

  • Munich

    Thank you for these tips

  • borwornrak saechin

    I went to Jeonju last month. I went to hanok villege and kakao’s friends shop. It’s so amazing. Next time when I can go to jeonju again must to go this cafe i think so kiki. 👍

  • Jared Sandler

    The flower cafe is an interesting concept, as it’s located on the 6th floor of a building, has an accessible open terrace, and doubles as a real flower shop! Sounds like a nature cafe with a few animal residents, too. The panoramic from the peak of Kirin-Bong offers a bird’s eye view of Jeonju City ; the sky is surprisingly blue!

  • I bet Kirinbong looks amazing also during autumn! ^^

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Very nice to walk around, and rest in cafe.