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Taking Shelter from the Sun in Jeonju Hanok Village: Cheongyeonru, Omokdae, Hanbyukdang Pavilions

Jeonju Hanok Village is one of the most popular attraction in Korea. Every year, more than ten million people visit Jeonju Hanok Village, even during the hot summer. Today, I’ll introduce three pavilions in Jeonju Hanok Village where you can take shelter from the sun while enjoying the winds and great views.


Cheongyeonru is a pavilion built on a bridge called Namchungyo, above Jeonjuchun River. The bridge and the pavilion are relatively new landmarks in Jeonju, connecting Jeonju Hanok Village and Seohak Art Village.
The view from Cheongyeonru is magnificent. In particular, the view of the sunset over Jeonjuchun River, when everything turns orange and blue, is stunning. Also, the night view here is very romantic with the illuminations. People visit the pavilion to enjoy the refreshing wind blowing over the river.


Omokdae is a pavilion built on the top of a small mountain (more of a hill) overlooking Jeonju Hanok Village. I love watching the waves of black tiled roofs of the hanok buildings. Omokdae is a good place to visit if you’re travelling between Jeonju Hanok Village and Jaman Mural Village. The trail is a comfortable walk.


Hanbyukdang is a pavilion built on a cliff overlooking Jeonjuchun River. Hence the view is stunning. When surrounded by fog, it can feel mysterious too. The pavilion is originally built in 1404 as a summer house.

If you’re planning to visit Korea this summer, don’t miss Jeonju Hanok Village and these traditional pavilions!

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  • Jared Sandler

    Hanbyukdang appears to be the smallest (and perhaps the most secluded) of the 3 pavilions. Looks like a great date spot or a peaceful place to avoid large crowds of visitors. In addition, the orange and blue sunset view of Jeonjuchun River from Cheongyeonru looks spectacular!

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    Fantastic! a beautiful,Pictorial portrayal of the Jeonju Hanok Village and its traditional pavilions.

  • Nick

    There are three kinds of traditional pavilions: ‘jeong’, ‘nu’ (or ‘lu’), and ‘dae. Jeong and Nu mean a 1 or 2 story Pavillion while Dae is an elevated space, possibly to watch movements of enemies . Or, these days, visitors from above. Rising over the Jeonjuchun River, Cheongyeonru is a traditional pavilion built in the middle of a bridge. The view from Cheongyeonru during sunset is breath-taking as it overlooks the river. It’s also a great spot to catch some shade and enjoy peace and beauty during the harsh summer heat. Check it out soon!

  • Gerardo Ortiz

    Cheongyeonru has a beutiful view from the east and west side. If you have the chance to come during fall season, the sunsets are amazing. You can take incredible portraits and landscapes over there.