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A One-Hour Bike Tour Along Jeonjuchun River

The spring flowers are almost gone, but more greens are sprouting everywhere. The summer is almost here. Today, I’ll introduce a safer way to enjoy outdoor: riding bike along Jeonjuchun River.

Public bike rental in Jeonju Hanok Village

The City of Jeonju also runs a public bike rental. I can imagine the cool breeze just by looking at the bike.

There are safe ways to enjoy outdoor, and that’s riding a bike along Jeonjuchun River. Today, I’m embarking on a bike ride from Jeonju Hanok Village to Wonsaek Myunghwa Village.

On the trail from Namchungyo Bridge (Jeonju Hanok Village) to Saekjanggyo Bridge, there are three public bike rentals. You can find the bike rentals at Jeonju Hyanggyo, Jeonju Ecomuseum, and Chimyungjasan Mountain. The all-day rental (09:00~18:00 during summer) is only 1,000 won. You can also rent bike helmets.

Photo spots along the bike trail

If you start from Jeonju Hanok Village, you’ll come across this huge swing. Children love this spot. Bike past the swing and Hanbyukdang Pavilion, you’ll arrive at Jeonju Ecomuseum.

Keep pedaling the bike, enjoy the breeze, then you’ll arrive at Chimyungjasan Moundatin (Martyr’s Mountain Shrine) and the Hall of World Peace (under construction).

People were enjoying the outdoor, whether they are walking, on a wheelchair, or riding a bike. I wish one day we would no longer need to wear a mask on a beautiful day like this.

Hydrate at Saekjang Jungmiso Café and return to the starting point

Past Saekjanggyo Bridge, I spotted an old building with the red roof. It’s Saekjang Jungmiso (rice mill). Well, the old rice mill has transformed into a café that sells the beverages excellent for quenching thirst after a bike riding.

A round bike trip from Namchungyo Bridge to Saekjanggyo Bridge usually takes an hour. However, today I spent time on taking photos and also at the café. So it took me an hour to get to Saekjanggyo Bridge. I ordered a grapefruit sorbet.

The return trip seemed easier. I’m already looking forward to discovering other bike tour routs in Jeonju.

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  • Jared Sandler

    Seems like perfect weather for a leisurely bike ride along Jeonjuchun River. I wonder what the Korean name is of the big swing in the photo (with two girls playing on it). Perhaps the crown jewel of the bike ride was to discover an old rice mill (Saekjang Jungmiso). Creative idea to transform an old rice mill into a cafe along the bike route!

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    A nice story about vast and varied attractions in
    Jeonju Hanok Village to Wonsaek Myunghwa Village.Thank you so much .

  • Narumi Yamamoto

    So good place to ride a bicycle for leisure purposes.It’s paved so we can cycle safely.If we are tired, drinking a cold drink at a cafe will be very good at this time of year!

  • Nick

    Queen said it best in the well known and classic song, Bicycle Race, “Get on your bikes and ride”. Reconnect with nature. Feel the gentle breeze as you cruise along the Jeonju river/stream. There’s a big swing waiting for you try it out near where you can start your bike ride. Summer deserves happy bike riders in Jeonju. Don’t disappoint our summer this season! Go. Ride. Have fun. 😀