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Popular in Youtube: Noodle Venues in Jeonju Hanok Village

People are spending more time watching Youtube than traditional television. Jeonju has been featured as a must-visit gourmet city in many Youtube channels specializing in food and travel. Today, I’ll introduce two restaurants in Jeonju Hanok Village famous for noodle dishes. Both have often been featured in those Youtube channels.

Sindae Yuseong

Mul-Jjajangmyeon is a local noodle dish topped with seafood sauce. There are many venues in Jeonju that offer mul jjajangmyeon. Today, I visited Sindae Yuseong, a Chinese restaurant located in Jeonju Hanok Village renowned for its unique mul-jjajangmyeon dishes. I liked how the restaurant displayed the menu outside.

I ordered a set menu, which is more economical. The signature course menu at Sindae Yuseong has been Sacheon (Sichuan) mul-jjajangmyeon and kkanpungyuk (spicy garlic fried pork). Today, I ordered Sacheon mul-jjajangmyeon and tangsooyuk (sweet and sour fried pork).

My food is ready. It smelled so nice.

The sauce of tangsooyuk was pleasantly sweet-sour. Did you know that tangsooyuk is even better with vinegar-soy sauce-red chili pepper powder mix sauce?

I poured the mul-jjajangmyeon sauce over the noodle and started mixing. Despite its name, jjajangmyeon, mul-jjajangmyeon is much closer to fried seafood noodle than the usual jjajangmyeon with the black bean sauce. I loved it much more than the usual Korean-style Chinese dishes such as jjajangmyeon or champong.

The set of the two dishes is only 18,000 won, which I think is a good value for money. I didn’t take long to finish everything. I particularly recommend ordering the set menus that serve sacheon mul-jjajang.

Sindae Yuseong

Address: Eunhaeng-ro 82-10, Wansan-gu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-271-2666

Veteran Kalguksu

The next is Veteran Kalguksu. The venue has been operating in Jeonju Hanok Village since its opening in 1977. Veteran Kalguksu is nationally famous for the kalguksu (chopped noodle soup) and jjolmyeon (spicy chewy noodle salad).


I ordered kalguksu, jjolmyeon, and dumpling. The side dishes are sliced pickled radish and cubed radish kimchi.

My orders were served rather quickly, probably because there were many customers. I started with sipping a spoon of kalguksu broth. It was thick and full of flavor.

The steamed dumpling dish was also great. The dumplings were freshly made restaurant quality and not frozen factory produce. Although I was rather full after kalguksu and jjolmyeon, I couldn’t stop finishing the dumplings.

The kalguksu here is famous nation-wide. But I also liked jjolmyeon for its spicy-sweet-sour sauce and chewy noodle. I loved slightly mashing the boiled egg yellow and mixing it with the noodle. The jjolmyeon is served with a soup. Given the delicious noodle dishes, there’s no wonder people return to this restaurant.

Veteran Kalguksu

Address: Gyeonggijeon-gil 135, Wansan-gu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-285-9898

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  • Jared Sandler

    The exterior of the Sindae Yuseong restaurant is awesome. All of the signs and information make potential customers interested about the various menu items. This blog post describes in good detail about the differences between mul-jjajangmyeon and more traditional Korean-Chinese specialties which are more popular nationwide. This mul-jjajangmyeon dish looks special. Thinking about a trip to Jeonju Hanok Village!

  • Jem Dela Cruz

    Every details regarding the dishes are good to know. I like that it emphasize the importance of each menu. All the delicious foods mentioned can eat in affordable prizes.

  • Aishwarya R

    oh i love noodles, i guess the best thing about this is moderate prize , i surely would give it a try , thank you

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    kudos to the admin who maintains the blog, superb quality content , i was searching for this tbh , thank you so much

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    i m reading all these being in isolation , wish i get cured soon , loving a lot about Jeonju , much love , just love the food and scenery , wish to travel soon

  • Melissa

    I spend too much time on YouTube watching these things recently😂

  • Sreeni Vas

    these foods looks so delicious, i guess i would love to take your suggestion and visit this places

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    the blog provides variety of good contents , thank you

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    is everything normal in jeonju now , or covid rules are still there ? i was happy to get these details

  • Pradeep Sharma

    just awesome contents , keep up

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    these place looks so soothing , the food is amazing i visited before 2 years , now i wanna visit again

  • Hikaru Hiroshii

    i would be visiting soon, i m reading and learning a lot from this blog

  • Bianca T

    On my most recent visit, on a cold, rainy early spring day, I was craving a ‘food hug” and I found it in Veteran Kalguksu. Half frozen, I started slurping the tasty broth and inhaling the noodles. Even though my mother never made anything like it, it felt like I was eating mom’s food. I had been so tired I could barely walk, but after a dinner here I hiked up to Omokdade, fully recovered and energized. This down-to-earth, basic interior restaurant offers a Michellin star quality noodles. Yum! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/69d52727f1b47b92a0c79ad70da208343830145abef2f590091b317a9b7476b2.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/820ed6f7f17be2cb4781aae3806e50d490dc9f94f34ffd5126884adad9caf7b0.jpg