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Jeonju Hanok Village Bike Tour Route

The weather’s been perfect for a light bike ride around Jeonju Hanok Village, one of the best tourist attractions in South Korea. Today, I’ll introduce a good Hanok Village bike tour route for spring. The route for today is Omokdae Bike Rental Service – Omokdae Pavilion – Jaman Mural Village – Jeonjuchun River Trail.

Omokdae Bike Rental Service

I rented a bike at Omokdae Bike Rental Service in Jeonju Hanok Village. The service personnel introduced us to the thoroughly disinfected bike. The bike had a basket, which was very convenient.

This is the public bike rented out by the City of Jeonju. I found it very stable to ride.

The bike has a basket, a gear shift, and a bell.

Omokdae Pavilion

I headed to the nearby Omokdae Pavilion. I had to stop on the way, because the flowers were so beautiful.

I loved the view and the gentle spring breeze. All the stress from the COVID19 seemed to wash away.

I parked the bike and looked around. The hanok pavilion and nature always go well together.

Then I carried on the next destination!

Jaman Mural Village

Jaman Mural Village is only a bridge away from the Omokdae Pavilion!

I loved riding around the village to find my favorite mural!

Jeonjy Hyanggyo (Confucian School)

Next, I visited Jeonju Hyanggyo. Look at the tiled roofs of the hanok buildings!

Riding bike in the alleyways seemed like travelling back in time.

I rode past Jeonju Hyanggyo.

​The street in front of Jeonju Hyanggyo was very wide!


Jeonjuchun River Trail

The last destination is Jeonjuchun River Trail, famous for reeds. Riding bike on the trail seemed very different from walking.

I love the scenery of Jeonjuchun River. The flowing river cleanses the mind.

Today, I had much fun riding a bike instead of walking. It’s only 1,000 won to rent a bike, so why not try?


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  • Jared Sandler

    The pictures of Jaman Mural Village during spring sunshine show off how vibrant an area it is. True indeed that a hanok pavilion juxtaposed in nature is a good fit. Makes for a pleasant spring outing in and around Jeonju Hanok Village!

  • Jim Pio


    Jeonju Hanok Village is different from the world in the place of my dreams and I love Jeonju in the best and the best for me and I want to travel to Jeonju in the future, it is my dream, I will definitely fulfill my dream one day or the other. Love to Jeonju.

  • Mohammad Uvaish

    Hello, My Dear #JEONJUCITY Thanks a lot for this great information provided by event.

    I have one of the most favorite places in Korea. I am very much in love with Korean culture and old heritage. And Jeonju Hanok Village is one of the perfect places for me. I like to visit this famous Jeonju Hanok Village in Korea.

    Thanks & regards:

  • Sameer Alam

    It’s a unique to explore the most beautiful village by bike. As i am a nature lover and Korea is worldwide famous for his natural heritage.i just want to explore the village with the bike and to feel the culture of the beautiful jeonju hanok village.

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  • Tanu Singh

    Jeonjucity 😍😍😍😍 is the love of mine.
    I always in excitement to feel the glorious of hanok village its always my dreamland and when it comes to bike tour of hanok village i became very excited to watch and feel the beauty of this best village with some music beats which makes your ride completely perfect.
    Hope one day i will be there.

  • Sharik Ali

    Glad to see this

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    I think that the use of the bicycle would be a good idea to explore the surroundings of Hanok Village and go a little beyond the traditional tourist area.

  • Jem Dela Cruz

    Woah~ I love the idea of rented bike because it will take other option for some to ride a bike instead of walking and at the same time enjoying the scenery and the tourist attractions there.
    I really love that they preserve the hanok so next generation will able to see and enjoy the hanok village.
    Visiting this places really helps our mind to relax. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  • Taiyuba Be

    The city of Jeonju is indeed one of the most beautiful and popular places. I would love to go to Hanok Village in Jeonju city. Jeonju is the city of hanok (Korean traditional building or house). It is a very beautiful and interesting place to see. Jeonju all about korea has presented very important information to all of us. I will soon visit Jeonju city along with a taste of Korea food.

  • Arise Azhari

    I would first like to thank Jeonju, all about Korea. Every post by Jeonju is very popular and informative. I get a lot of information from every post in Jeonju, all about Korea. This page is very useful and important for me and my family. I want to travel to Hanok Village. The house and building in Hanok Village is very beautiful. I have never seen such houses before today. This house is indeed very beautiful and astonishing.

  • Kamal Uddin

    wishing to visit korea soon , the blog is so useful , thankfully came across this official blog ,1000 won to try the bike is so cheap , i would definitely give it a try

  • Rocky Ansari

    Dear Yes, I want to see cherry blossom and see the beauty of Hanok village in full and this season of cherry blossom is going on. and I know. I can see a lot of new people there. It would be a big achievement in me that if I visit Jeonju Hanok Village in this year, then I am feeling an epidemic seder. If everything stays true then I will definitely try to come

  • Melissa

    Oooh! That looks so lovely😌I have to practice riding a bike now…

  • Saqib Sajid

    wish to do this soon, it would be s relaxing, food and fun