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Two Famous Noodle Venues in Jeonju Nambu Market

A warm noodle dish is an excellent relief after walking through the cold early spring days. Today, I’ll introduce two famous noodle venues in Jeonju Nambu Market: Donglae Bunsik and Baeksu-ui Chan.

Donglae Bunsik

Donglae Bunsik is located deep inside a bustling Nambu Market. Hence it might be bit difficult to find, but it’s still part of the fun exploring a traditional Jeonju market!

Donglae Bunsik became famous after appearing in many television gourmet shows! Yet, the locals already frequented the venue since many years ago.

Donglae Bunsik opens at 7 in the morning and closes at 7 in the evening. The venue is closed on Tuesdays.

I visited on a weekday lunchtime, but it was already very crowded. Half of the crowd seemed like the travelling families, but the other half was the local seniors.

Donglae Bunsik is famous for pat-juk (red bean porridge) and noodles. Hence, I ordered pat-kalguksu (chopped noodle in red bean porridge soup).

Pat-juk based dishes take time because the cooking starts upon the order. It took about 20 minutes for my order to arrive. The side dishes were kimchi, kakdugi (cubed radish kimchi) and danmuji (pickled radish).

Pat (red bean/adzuki bean) is rich in vitamin B1 and antioxidants. After walking through the cold wind and the crowd, the warm pat-juk seemed like a heaven-sent.

I loved the big portion and the deep flavor of the dish.

Sugar and salt were on the table. I recommend enjoying the original flavor of the pat-juk before adding some sugar.


​Donglae Bunsik
Address: Pungnammn 2gil 39, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-288-4607
Opening hours: 07:00~19:00 (closed on Tuesdays)


Baeksu-ui Chan

Baeksu-ui Chan is a venue that opened in 2016. It’s located in Cheongnyun (Youth) Mall, famous for unique businesses run by young entrepreneurs.

The opening hours of Baeksu-ui Chan tends to be flexible, but in general, the venue opens around 12:00 and closes around 22:00. The break is from 15:00 to 17:30.

Baeksu-ui Chan is a small venue full of cute props. The maximum number of customers on a table is four people. The kitchen is open to the customers.

I ordered yakisoba noodle (fried noodle with meat and vegetables), the most popular dish, and donkatsu with cabbage salad. Since Baeksu-ui Chan sells alcohol, if the venue is full, waiting time might be long.

It took about 20 minutes for my order to arrive, but it was fun watching how my order is being prepared.

This is the yakisoba noodle. I liked how the noodle is topped with the fried egg and other various ingredients.

For the texture and the flavor of the yakisoba noodle, I loved the crunchy cabbage, aromatic bonito flakes, and the meat.

This is donkatsu and cabbage salad. This dish is also prepared upon order. The donkatsu was thick and deep fried well. I also liked the combination of the cabbage salad and sesame sauce.


Baeks-ui Chan
Address: Pungnammun 2gil 53, 2nd floor Cheongnyun Mall
Opening hours: 12:00~22:00 (15:00~17:30 break)


If you feel like some noodle dishes while you’re visiting Jeonju, try Donglae Bunsik and Baeksu-ui Chan!

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  • Bapi Mukherjee

    Very glad to know regarding two famous Restaurants named Donglae Bunsik and Baeksu-ui Chan of Jeonju Nambu Market.I want to taste Pat-juk with noodles and side dishes like Kakdugi and Danmuji from ‘Donglae Bunsik’ and Yakisoba noodles with Cabbage salad and Sesame sauce from ‘Baeksu-ui Chan’ during my visit to Jeonju City.

  • Jared Sandler

    Although these two restaurants both specialize in noodle dishes, the interior of Donglae Bunsik (typical of a shi-jang) is much different from that of Baeksu-ui Chan (urban trendy decor). Pat-juk Kal-Guk-Su is special in texture and also a health food. If I were to visit by myself, I would try Donglae Bunsik. But if I were on a date, I would try the curry Don-Kat-Su (or similar menu) at Baeksu-ui Chan. The atmosphere of these two restaurants appear to be quite a bit different from each other.