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Travel Back to the 70s at ‘Gijachon’

A short walk from the famous Jeonju Hanok Village is another charming district called ‘Gijachon’. It has long been a secret spot for those admirers of the 70s atmosphere.

The community of journalists


The name of the district ‘Gijachon’ comes from the word ‘gija’ (‘journalist’ in Korean). Many local journalists used to live there since the early 1970s.

Due to its sentimental 70s atmosphere, Gijachon appeared in several television series, including “Just an Ordinary Love Story” (2012) and “I Miss You” (2012-2013).

Where time seems to stand still

Surrounding Gijachon, Nosong-dong district was the downtown of Jeonju during the 60s and 70s. Can you believe that the old Jeonju Train Station used to stand where the current Jeonju City Hall is?

Antiquated, but familiar alleyways

Filled with traditional hanok and over 70 years old buildings, the antiquated cityscape of Gijachon doesn’t seem artificial at all. Although many journalists have long left the Gijachon and the neighborhood seems pretty shabby, that’s how the 70s still lives on.

I strolled the alleyways of Gijachon, lonely and quiet, but also somehow friendly and familiar. This neighborhood seemed to open up a new creative space for my photography.

If you need a quiet walk in the winter air away from the busy life, Gijachon is the place to visit while you’re in Jeonju. It’s surprisingly relaxing and inspiring.

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  • Sara Rousalova

    This is so beautiful! Like a true time travel 🙂 I’d love to film my next video there when I come to Jeonju this summer!

  • izmirK

    Looks good for a creative photography session!

  • Joshua Garcia

    Beautiful scenarios in this country, love it

  • Joshua Garcia

    Would have loved to live in the 70´s In Korea

  • I would love to know more about this place why many Journalists used to live there and the wall art!!

  • Loveday Farmer

    wish i had visited the mural village here.

  • Joshua Garcia

    nothing like these places to warm your heart

  • Joshua Garcia

    the day i go to jeonju ill go there, hope its soon

  • Aysha

    The mural with the hearts is sooo pretty!