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Winter on the Jeonjuchun River Trail

Korean winter is known to be ‘three colder days and four warmer days’. Despite the cold weather, to stay healthy in winter it’s better to be active outside regularly. Therefore, I decided to introduce walking on the Jeonjuchun River Trail to enjoy the beautiful early winter mood in Jeonju.

The Jeonjuchun River

The Jeonjuchun River is an important symbol of the city. In the past, the river had been severely polluted. However, thanks to intensive efforts of the locals, the river now qualifies as the “Grade 1 drinking water”. The river’s ecosystem has also been restored so that otters, crawfish, and other fish species that only dwell in the cleanest water have returned to the river.

In summer, the locals visit the river to escape the heat. However, I believe that the river in the winter is also very much attractive and enjoyable.

Cooler days are suitable for walking or cycling along the river. Even the visitors to Jeonju Hanok Village take time to stroll on the Jeonjuchun River Trail.

Attractions along the Jeonjuchun River Trail

There are attractions along the Jeonjuchun River Trail. After visiting Jeonju Hanok Village, you may start the trail from Jeonju Ecomuseum and finish at Nambu Market.

I also started walking from Jeonju Ecomuseum. The trail runs through the ‘forest’ of tall silver reeds dancing in the cool early winter breeze. When the sun is setting and the world is turning red, orange, and blue, the trail leading into the forest of tall silver reeds makes a very sentimental and romantic scenery.

Then, I come across the Hanbyukgul Tunnel and the Hanbyukru Pavilion. Already many locals are walking, jogging, or cycling along the trail. Next to the trail is the Jeonju Traditional Culture Center, Wanpanbon Culture Center, and National Intangible Heritage Center.

Antique, elegant, and friendly atmosphere

I wanted to continue walk along the trail without stopping by the Hanok Village. I pass the splendid Omokgyo and Namchungyo Bridges. The visitors seem to be having fun riding the traditional Korean swing and walking over the stepping stones that cross the river.

I personally prefer Jeonjuchun River at the late afternoon than the early morning. When I see the sun setting under Namchungyo Bridge, it seems oddly comforting, that I have survived through another day in my busy life. Walking the trail is a good way to finish the day, a time for meditation and self-reflection.

Soon, snow will fly over the Jeonjuchun River. The flowers of the silver reeds will disappear. The waves of black tiled roofs of the Hanok Village will turn elegant white. Until then, let’s walk the Jeonjuchun River Trail!

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  • Honie Phan

    Oh dear, romantic landscape <3 Love it

  • Kristy

    Wow what an amazing view. Feel like I’m watching drama

  • Joshua Garcia

    Beautiful and modern, the best part of Jeonju is that it does not matter the season, there is always something to see!

  • I want to spend my whole day over there!!! This is a good blog for showing the beautiful of Jeonju in English! Love reading the blog~

  • Silvia

    Got so many memories on that bridge! Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Loveday Farmer

    wow, these pictures are beautiful!!

  • Aysha

    Wow, the scenery looks so relaxing. I’d love to go there on a date and take nice pictures!