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The Top 2 Must-Visit Restaurants in Jeonju Recommended by the Korea Tourism Organization : Solga Charcoal BBQ, Doogeori Ox Bone Soup

The Korea Tourism Organization updates its list of top restaurants monthly, using big data. Normally, I look for dining spots based on recommendations from friends or by reading highly rated blog reviews. However, this method might be more reliable. The information is derived from T-map navigation data.

Motivated by its reputation, I visited a restaurant in Jeonju known for its appealing menu to all ages.



“The Korea Tourism Organization’s Top 2 Recommended Restaurants in Jeonju: Solga Charcoal BBQ and Doogeori Ox Bone Soup.”

|A Carefully Prepared Selection of Ribs, Solga Charcoal BBQ

  • Operating hours : 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Days off : None
  • Telephone : 0507-1431-1124


Since its opening in 1999, Solga Charcoal Grilled Ribs has expanded to 14 locations, winning the hearts of Jeonju residents. Solga’s popularity has noticeably increased over time. Considering how challenging it is rumored to be to run a successful restaurant in Jeonju, one might wonder how it managed to achieve such success in a relatively short period. I was curious, so I went to see for myself.

The restaurant features a convenient parking lot next to it. Its building, with large glass windows, creates an open feeling inside, while keeping the interior hidden from outside view.

The interior is spacious, making it an ideal venue for group dining. Upon entering, you are greeted with celebrity autographs, as it was also visited as a dining spot for the “Parasite” film cast.

The menu focuses strictly on ribs, offering only two varieties: pork and beef. For additional meals, rib soup, hangover soup, and cold noodles are available.
During my visit, I enjoyed the pork ribs alongside mixed cold noodles and even got an extra discount by participating in an event.

After a morning hike with a friend, I visited Solga for lunch. Perhaps because of the cold winter hike, the ribs seemed even more delicious than usual.

One highlight of Solga is the variety of leafy wraps available for the meat, including perilla leaves, radishes, bracken, and lettuce, which made for a great dining experience.

Pairing the ribs with mixed cold noodles offered yet another delightful taste experience.



| A Favorite Among Locals, Doogeori Ox Bone Soup

  • Operating hours : 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Closed on : Sunday
  • Contact : 063-222-1592


To make sure my review process was consistent, I went hiking in the morning again before heading to Doogeori Ox Bone Soup in Jeonju.

Despite arriving before noon, the place was already at full capacity, resulting in a 20-minute wait. The wait continued for many others even as we finished our meal. For those planning a weekend visit, arriving right at opening time is advisable!

Parking is available behind Doogeori Ox Bone Soup’s building, though it is somewhat limited. The delicious food likely explains the crowd.

It was my first time trying Ox Bone Soup, and I waited eagerly for my turn. The restaurant is well-organized, with a waiting area, group seating, and various dining sections.

Despite only operating three locations in Jeonju, there seem to be many imitations of Doogeori Ox Bone Soup. When searching for it on a map, numerous locations across the country pop up, so caution is advised when seeking the original.

I ordered their signature Ox Bone Soup. It is served in a hot pot, and it’s recommended to spoon it over rice in a bowl, enjoying it with white kimchi. I found the combination so appealing that I refilled my plate several times.

The flavor is a mix between beef radish soup and spicy beef soup, with an overall wholesome taste.

The soup was less spicy than I expected, providing a clean and balanced flavor. The tender ribs were also a hit when wrapped in perilla leaves. The freshly made perilla leaf kimchi was as memorable as the white kimchi.

What do you think about the two Jeonju restaurants I introduced today? When you’re craving some pork and beef, make sure to remember these suggestions brought to you by the Korea Tourism Organization!


📍 Solga Charcoal BBQ  933-13 Ua-dong 2(i)-ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do

📍 Doogeori Ox Bone Soup  1F, 1212-3, Hyoja-dong 2(i)-ga, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do

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