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Exclusive to Jeonju, the Birthplace of Bibimbap, ‘Bibim Sori’

Exclusive to Jeonju, the Birthplace of Bibimbap, ‘Bibim Sori’

From the moment you enter to the very taste of the dishes, there’s a place that takes its bibimbap seriously. I’m excited to share ‘Bibim Sori,’ a dining spot unique to Jeonju, the homeland of bibimbap.


“In Jeonju, the heart of bibimbap culture, ‘Bibim Sori’ shows true dedication to bibimbap.”

Located near the Korean Sound Culture Center and featured in numerous media, ‘Bibim Sori’ is so notable that its owner was the inspiration for the relaunched Jeonju bibimbap burger at a burger joint. This restaurant is perfectly situated for a pleasant stop after a weekend zoo visit.

The restaurant features a large parking lot, making it easy to park.

The entrance to Jeonju Bibim Sori immediately sets it apart. The welcoming character ‘BibimChe,’ a creative design by the owner, Yoo Bibim, greets you.

On a beautiful spring, summer, or autumn day, sitting outside to enjoy bibimbap could be a lovely experience. However, I was seated indoors.

Due to the winter cold, warm barley tea was served, offering warmth in a unique moju glass.

I received a menu that was very thick.

This handwritten menu had details about Bibim Sori, including the history of Bibim Che, the backstory of Yoo Bibim’s name, instructions on how to address the staff, and photos of celebrities who’ve visited.

Reading through the menu, it was clear that the owner’s passion for bibimbap runs deep.

The wait for food flew by as I looked over the menu and examined the restaurant’s vast array of bibimbap-related books and objectives.


“The Bibim Sori Bibimbap Special”

I chose the bibimbap special.

The special included cheonggukjang and Jeonju bibimbap as basic offerings, with a choice between pajeon (Korean pancake) or spicy pork.

The meal began with a selection of fresh seasonal side dishes and cheonggukjang. The rich aroma of cheonggukjang filled Bibim Sori, suggesting that it’s wise to leave thick winter coats in the car when visiting.

Even though it was winter, the meal felt like a lavish bibimbap course at a reasonable price, with early-season shepherd’s purse, green onion kimchi, aged kimchi, radish salad, delicious mackerel radish stew, and freshly prepared kimchi pancake.

The Jeonju bibimbap, served warm in a brass bowl, remained warm throughout the meal. It was my first time trying the cheonggukjang and bibimbap combination at Bibim Sori.

The bibimbap, mixed with various vegetables and the savory taste of cheonggukjang, kept me full until evening.

The entire place, inside and out, is filled with items designed and created by the owner, making it a visually engaging space where time seems to fly.

In Jeonju, where owner Yoo Bibim is a well-known figure, Bibim Sori stands out for its serious approach to bibimbap. For anyone looking to enjoy a hearty bibimbap meal, this place is highly recommended.


Jeonju Bibim Sori

88-21 Deokjin-dong 1(il)-ga, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do

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