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Latest Updates on Jeonju Jaman Mural Village

Once an old hillside shantytown, Jaman Village is now one of the most popular attractions in Jeonju. In the village you can have the whole Hanok Village under your eyes. However, the village is now more famous for the lively, colorful and creative murals, hence it’s called “Jaman Mural Village”.

Many people have already taken photos of or taken photos in front of the murals while walking around the village. But did you know that the murals of Jaman Mural Village are slowly changing? In this post, you may come across several newest additions of murals.

The most popular route to Jaman Mural Village from the Hanok Village is to follow the trail that leads to Omokdae and Imokdae Pavilions. After crossing the Omokgyo Overpass, you’ll have arrived at Jaman Mural Village.

At the entrance of the village is the map showing how many steps are required to get to different cafés, restaurants, guesthouses, and other attractions of the village.

Then, let’s start!

▲ “Oksangdalbit” at the entrance of Jaman Mural Village


The vintage “Oksangdalbit” is an 80-year old house renovated into a café-store-guesthouse. During the daytime, this place is more of a café. However, in the evening, you can have a beer in the terrace, under reverberating lights and looking over the Hanok Village.

Walk the uphill alley along the old colorful murals is the famous take-out coffee shop “Attic”.

▲ “Dessert Market” and the alley of old comic book murals


“Dessert Market” sells fruit smoothies, sangria, vin chaud, and wines. This place is surrounded by murals of characters from old comic books that were popular from the 70s until the 90s, such as <Slam Dunk>, <Fearful Baseball Team>, <Run Hani> and <Candy>.

▲ Guesthouse-Café “Kumkuneun Nalgae”

▲ Café “Kojjitabbong” and pop art murals


Past the comic book murals are more dreamy murals and “Kumkuneun Nalgae”, a cosy hanok (Korean traditional house) Guesthouse-café.

Past this guesthouse feels like a different world, thanks to the pop art and pop star murals. Café “Kojjitabbong”, painted in gallant bright colors, may be the most exotic place in Jaman Mural Village.

Past “Kojjitabbong” are old game shops. Next to the shops is a wide space where you can take a view of the whole Jaman Mural Village.

This is today’s last destination, filled with the murals featuring <Alice in Wonderland>, <Avengers>, <Leon> and the like.


Here, you must try the famous Bibimbap Waffle at the café “Du Imo” (Two Aunties). The café was filled both inside and outside with people waiting for the Bibimbap Waffle.

▲ The murals featuring famous movie characters and Bibimbap Waffle from “Du Imo”

Albeit slowly, Jaman Mural Village is changing. Each time you visit here, you’ll find new things here and there. No matter whether you’re with your lover, family, or friends, merely walking the alleyways of the village will make special memories.

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