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The Welcoming and Farewell from Jeonju Express Bus Terminal

Visits to an express bus terminal often mark the beginning and ending of a travel to another city. Recently, Jeonju Express Bus Terminal has been completely rebuilt. This week, for those who have not visited this remarkable face of Jeonju yet, I will introduce the terminal building.


Five entrances of Jeonju Express Bus Terminal

There are total five entrances into the main building of Jeonju Express Bus Terminal. Gate 1 and Gate 2 are located on the first floor. There’s a pedestrian walk leading to the terminal building between the customers’ parking lot and the entrance for express buses. Next to the parcel-handling office, Gate 1 is in front of the space where the express buses arrive and depart. Gate 2 is closer to the parking lot.

Gate 3, 4, and 5 are all located on the second floor. Gate 3 is in front of the outdoor stage, above the customers’ parking lot. From Gate 3, walk to the right side of the terminal building to discover Gate 4. Gate 5 is a bit further away. If you’re looking for a taxi stop, leave the building through Gate 4.


Parking lots of Jeonju Express Bus Terminal

(1) Customers’ parking lot

Next to the entrance for express buses is the parking lot for customers. The parking lot is 24 hours open, with unmanned fee paying system.


(2) Bicycle Parking Lot

Close to Gate 2 is the bicycle parking lot. Your bicycle is safely kept here!


Restaurants and Café

There are restaurants and café in the terminal. On the first floor are Tous les Jours (bakery), Dunkin Donuts, Bapuri (Gimbap and ramyun), Gumgwan (Korean food), Deutschen (German hotdog), and GS25 (convenience store).

On the second floor are Debasaki (Korean and Japanese food and alcohol), Issac Toast, Nolbu Budaezzigae, Smoothie King, and Ediya Coffee.


Things to enjoy

(1) Karaoke and game arcade

Close to Gate 5 are coin karaoke and game arcade. They’re worth visiting when waiting for a bus.


(2) Youngpoong Mungo (Bookstore)

If you like to read books when waiting for a bus, I recommend visiting Youngpoong Mungo. The bookstore is on the third floor, close to Gate 3. The bookstore has a space where you can sit and read, photo printer, and name tag maker. The bookstore also sells a variety of digital goods and stationaries. Sometimes, I love to buy a small puzzle set and complete it while waiting for my bus.


(3) Exhibitions and concerts

If you enter through Gate 1, you’ll come across exhibitions of local craftworks. Also, next to the outdoor stage is the exhibition of the 100 most popular travel souvenirs from the Jeonbuk Province.

When I visited, a small concert was taking place inside the terminal. I really enjoyed the saxophone. Sometimes, concerts take place in the outdoor stage in front of Gate 3.


Other tips for using the terminal

(1) Locker

You may leave your bags in the terminal lockers. They can be closed and opened through your fingerprints.


(2) Mobile phone recharger

If your phone’s battery is dead, there are free mobile phone rechargers close to departure gate 4. They recharge both android phones and iphones.


(3) Wifi

Inside the terminal, SKT and KT (also LGU+) offer free wifi. They will ask you to enter some personal details and watch a commercial.


(4) Drugstore

If you’re carsick or feeling unwell, there’s a drugstore next to Tous les Jours. It sells masks that prevent the notorious fine dust.

Always good to know where AED is.


(5) Tourist Information Center

If you need information on Jeonju, there is a tourist information center outside Gate 3. The people are very friendly and there are various pamphlets for tourists.

It’s been almost two years since the new express bus terminal opened. The facilities have improved very much. I wish this post has been helpful for both the visitors and locals!


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