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The Latest Updates on Chungnyun Mall, Jeonju Nambu Market

Chungnyun (‘youth’) Mall is where the city supports young people to run their own business. Although located on the second floor of the traditional Jeonju Nambu Market, the mall is always lively with both tourists and locals expecting something creative and fun. Each shop in Chungnyun Mall is unique. You’ll come across shops selling handcraft goods, a bakery-patisserie, restaurants, a specialized bookshop, a board game shop, and others. Let’s find out more!



Tamgwanori sells handmade and tailored dresses, made by the shop owner upon order. The name ‘Tamgwanori’ originally means ‘corrupt official’, but here, it means ‘covetable dress’.


Bookshop Todaktodak

Todaktodak is a bookshop specializing in books from minor independent publishers. The bookshop also holds ukulele lesson and feminist book reading seminar too.


Youngsangchonggak-ui Kitchen

Youngsangchonggak-ui (Bachelor Youngsang’s) Kitchen offers home-made hamburger and beer. The owner of the shop is the chef. The food seem rather exquisite to be sold at a traditional market.


Shea Tree

Shea Tree sells cosmetics made from natural ingredients, such as paprika, charcoal, pearl and herbs. You’ll find home-made soaps, sun cream, hand cream, lip balm and many more.


Somssi Gongbang

Somssi Gongbang sells different hand-painted ceramic wares. You can also make your own hand-painted ceramic wares too.


Petit Gâteau

If you love desserts, you can’t miss Petit Gâteau, a famous dessert café among locals. Choose from a variety of sweet, soft, and sometimes sticky cakes!



Doksugongbang is a shop selling handmade natural leather crafts. From leather purses to leather fabrics, you’ll find a range of leather products here.


FunFunhan Gongjakso

FunFunhan Gongjakso is a space that helps you to find a new hobby, such as scratch-nightview, art toy, drawing famous paintings, DIYs, and other small fun things.



Fleur is an art studio selling hand-made goods with illustrations, water paintings, or calligraphies on them. This space is dreamy!


In this post, I’ve visited relatively new addition of shops in Chungnyun Mall. They are as unique as the existing ones.

Although Jeonju Nambu Market is known as a traditional market, young people are blooming unique businesses. What they’re offering is their passion, creativity and devotion. I recommend visiting Chungnyun Mall to experience this lively space!

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  • Sonia

    I was sorry to see Casa del Taco close 🙁 Is the bar still there? Nawrie was/is the best bartender in Korea, always coming up with new creative drinks. It was a great place to meet people!