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A Winter Date Course in Jungwha Mountain East for Kids and Parents: Ice Skating Rink, Jeonju Garden Culture Center, Mokro Gukbap.

Are you wondering where to take your kids on weekends, or how to make special memories with your partner or friends? If you’re looking for a change from your usual outing spots, I have just the place to recommend. It’s a spot where you can stay warm indoors and still enjoy a variety of activities like exercising, reading books, and viewing plants. Also, the joy of exploring famous local restaurants nearby is a bonus.


| Jeonju Ice Skating Rink

The first stop was the ice skating rink run by the Jeonju City Facilities Management Corporation. I’ve tried many sports, but skating was never on my list. I wish I had known sooner about this excellent facility so close to home. Now, I’m looking forward to visiting with my friends.

The rink has a large parking area, which made it convenient to drive there. It’s a big building, easily noticeable next to the badminton courts.

At the entrance, you’ll find ticket machines for both cash and card payments. If you have a membership card, just scan it for entry. If you have any questions, staff members are stationed on both sides of the entrance, ready to assist.

“Equipment Rental and Personal Item Storage Available”

The ice skating rink offers equipment and shoe rentals, making it ideal for a spontaneous visit. Seeing the items being sanitized and dried near the rental spot adds a sense of reassurance. There are lockers outside for storing important belongings, which I definitely recommend using.

The indoor rink was bustling with hobby skaters in their gear, couples, and kids skating and laughing. I was initially scared of falling, but watching the skilled children made me envious of their abilities.



| Garden Culture Center

Next up was the recently inaugurated Garden Culture Center. Excited to see how the plants had flourished, I was eager to finally visit. I’ve always wanted a closer look at the plants seen through the large glass windows, and today I had my opportunity. The center features both a subtropical arboretum and a garden culture library.

“A Space for Walking Among Nature and Enjoying a Quiet Read”

During winter, the temperature is maintained at a minimum of 15 degrees Celsius, and in summer, it peaks at 35 degrees. Stepping inside, the warmth instantly gives you a Mediterranean feel. The place is adorned with plants and trees suited to a subtropical climate, and there are walking paths throughout. For those curious, the website lists the plants in detail, making it a great resource for explorers.

As you go up the stairs, it feels like you’re reading a book in the midst of a forest. The area has a selection of garden-themed books, and the view through the glass windows offers a refreshing glimpse of the outdoors. It’s an ideal spot for peaceful reflection or immersing yourself in a book.

Also, a garden education program is planned for the coming year. If you’re interested, it’s a good idea to sign up soon!



| Mokro Gukbap

Jeonju is famous for its soup dishes, and Mokro Gukbap is one such place, more popular among locals than tourists. It gets quite busy at lunchtime, often leading to a line and early closure when ingredients run out. Their signature dish is Hanwoo Sirae-gi gukbap, but on my visit around 12:30, they were sold out, so I tried the Hwangtae Haejangguk, another favorite here.

The restaurant’s interior is cozy, with cooking happening right at the front. If smoke bothers you, sitting near the chopping block might be uncomfortable. Luckily, I sat farther away today. The seating is intimate, close enough that you might brush against your neighbor, adding to the lively dining experience.

I noticed two new pictures that weren’t there previously. It looks like the The Dictionary Of Useless Knowledge’ team had visited, as shown by the large autographs from writer Kim Eun-hee, director Jang Hang-jun, and singer Yoon Jong-shin. It seems destined for a TV feature, and now it’s likely to gain wider recognition. To avoid the rush, visiting earlier than the regular lunchtime is advisable.

The Hwangtae Haejangguk I ordered featured a creamy broth with tender, chewy dried hwangtae. After enjoying a bowl of this warm soup, I felt the last traces of my cold disappear. If you’re in search of a warm winter outing, consider trying this place this weekend.


Jeonju Ice Skating Rink

Jeonju Garden Culture Center

Mokro Gukbap

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