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If your New Year’s resolution involves reading more, check out these three independent bookstores in Jeonju: Kafka Bookstore, Todak Todak Bookstore, and Sallim Bookstore

Have you set your goals for 2024? It’s typical around the start of a new year to reflect on the past twelve months and set goals with renewed motivation. I’m no exception, and I’ve noticed that how I plan for the new year significantly influences my mindset.

To make 2024 a year where I can focus more on personal growth, I decided to explore some of Jeonju’s distinctive independent bookstores.

I was eager to discover how these stores compared to the larger chain bookstores and to enjoy some quiet time browsing books and planning for the year ahead. My stops included Kafka Bookstore, Sallim Bookstore, and Todak Todak Bookstore.

These bookstores are all conveniently located near the Pungnam Gate Youth Mall and Jeollagamyeong-gil in the Jeonju Hanok Village. Their proximity makes it easy to visit all three on foot, which I highly recommend.


| Kafka Bookstore

Located on the second floor along Jeolla Gamyoung street, Kafka Bookstore serves as both a bookstore and a café, with ample and well-organized space.

I chose Kafka Bookstore to buy a 2024 diary and spend time planning out my year. The serene setting, complemented by music from LPs, enhanced my ability to concentrate.


“A serene time for reading and relaxation”

Kafka isn’t limited to just serious literature like essays and literary works; it also features a selection of current bestsellers, books on economics, art, novels, essays, and compilations by local authors, offering a wide range of materials.

While you can purchase books on display, there’s also a cozy corner with books meant for communal reading, allowing visitors to enjoy books even without buying them, especially if they’re just there to use the café.


| Todak Todak Bookstore

Situated on the second floor of the Youth Mall, Todak Todak Bookstore is in a location that’s also welcoming to tourists, making it a nice spot to visit after dining at the Nambu Market.

Welcomed by a friendly resident cat, Todak Todak may be compact, but it’s surprisingly rich in selection and provides a delightful browsing experience.


“A Bookstore Greeted by Cats”

Though it lacked seating, the time flew as I browsed through the books, cat-themed items, and author-made goods neatly displayed in a corner.

Todak Todak Bookstore, a local gem supported by the Jeonju City Social Innovation Center, offers a generous 20% discount for purchases made with library points and a 10% discount for those using the Jeonju Piggy Card. Remember to bring yours.

The bookstore’s shelves are well-organized, featuring a rich selection of personal essays and works that touch on gender, societal, and national themes. It seems the owners’ preferences subtly influence the book selection.

The addition of new titles to their collection is a regular delight. Is it just me, or is there something incredibly satisfying about neatly arranged books? They not only organize thoughts but also boost the mood. If picking a book seems daunting, take a look at their recommended section.

Moreover, Todak Todak Bookstore enriches the community with monthly book talks and reading groups, perfect for those looking to dip their toes into literary discussions.


| Sallim Bookstore

Situated near Cheongyeonru in the Hanok Village, Sallim Bookstore is a charming spot for travelers to explore. It’s filled with quick reads like essays and anthologies by various authors, making it an excellent place for gift shopping.


“A ‘Heart-fluttering’ Bookstore Near Hanok Village”

Receiving a book is always a joy. Yet, gifting a dense tome to a non-reader might be overwhelming. Hence, I sought out light, engaging reads for gifts.

The store also houses a minimalist accessory shop, where you can find postcards, diaries, and more. It was particularly handy when I needed a postcard to accompany a book gift.

Given its location in Jeonju Hanok Village, a prime travel destination, the bookstore’s travel-themed literature is especially appealing to visitors.

Starting the new year by giving yourself the time to wander through independent bookstores and plan the upcoming year feels just as rewarding as giving a thoughtful gift to someone special.

Here’s to a meaningful beginning to 2024 for everyone!


Kapeuka Bookstore

Todak Todak Bookstore

Sallim Bookstore

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