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Traditional and Modern Coexist at Jeonju Chungnyun (Youth) Mall

Chungnyun Mall started in 2011 as a social enterprise project to revitalize local marketplaces. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism funded the project. Twelve young entrepreneurs opened their venue at the second level of the historic Jeonju Nambu Market, which had been abandoned for decades.

Since then, Chungnyun Mall has expanded to 20 venues thanks to the collaboration between the young and old entrepreneurs of Nambu Market.

Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, there were less people than usual. However, I could still see both locals and tourists busy shopping and taking photos. There’re unique things to buy, experience, and eat (drink) in Chungnyun Mall. I’ll start with the venues focusing on buying and experiencing (ex. one-day class).



ETC select shop is a design studio & multi brand store selling design goods and local goods. I found travel-inspired mugs and an air pod case with cute character on it. My favorite was ‘Jeonju Local Goods Film Camera’. Inspired by travelling Jeonju, the camera is designed at ETC.

Doorin Candle

Doorin Candle produces 100% soy wax candles without paraffin or other chemicals. Doorin Candle runs both on-line and off-line shops. All the candles have KC (Korea Certification) mark, so they’re safe. If you’re looking for various candles and diffusers, don’t miss this place!


Ceranuri is a craftwork studio-shop that runs ceramic and resin craft workshops and sells ceramic accessories. I almost lost track of time here looking at elegant hanbok (Korean traditional costume) ceramic dolls and flower-shaped ceramic jewelleries. The Chungnyun Mall studio is mostly for sales of goods and the ceramic and resin craft workshops are held in the Geumamdong district studio. Currently, Ceranuri is running the healing pot-making class for succulents.


By J

By J sells unique handmade accessories and silver jewelleries. This venue also runs both off-line and on-line shops. The popular items are cute scrunchies and accessories made from surgical steel. I think the scrunchies also look good on my wrist too. If you’re looking for unique cute accessories, visit By J.

Yeonhyi Gongbang

Yeonhyi Gongbang is the studio run by Lee Yeonhyi, who won awards at different traditional Korean craftworks competitions. The studio runs traditional Korean knot craft class, which is highly recommended. The knot craft products such as hairbands or brooches are splendid but also elegant. Visitors can also buy different traditional Korean crafts, such as norigae (traditional Korean pendant trinket), string wristbands, string rings, and the like. If you’re curious about the elegant traditional Korean knot craft, don’t miss Yeonhyi Gongbang.

Kim Sung Min Jakhwasil

Kim Sung Min Jakhwasil sells illustration postcards and posters, Jeonju travel photos, pouches, and the like, produced by the artist. The ‘Twelve Attractions of Jeonju Hanok Village Postcard Set and Poster’ have been celebrated as one of the top 100 souvenirs recognised by the local authorities. If you’re interested in the most unique travel paintings and pictures, visit Kim Sung Min Jakhwasil.

Todak Todak Bookstore

Todak Todak is an independent bookstore open in 2017. The spirit of the bookstore is, based on reading books, to reflect upon one’s own life, to engage with others, and to pursue autonomy. Books are piled up in a very small space that barely fits four adults. If you’re into independent publications hardly found in the major bookstores, Todak Todak is an interesting place.

Neoui Otjang (Your Closet)

Neoui Otjang is a vintage shop selling cute and unique dresses. Most dresses were for summer season when I visited. There’s only one dress per design, so I recommend visiting the SNS (@our_your_closet on Instagram) of the shop.


Peachmomo specializes in computer embroidery. I found cute baby clothes and unique nametags. If you want a unique nametag for any purpose (your club or motto), consult Peachmomo.

When it comes to dining out, Chungnyun Mall is popular even for the locals too!


RiRi88 offers a brunch plate with American French toast, fresh salads, and flavorsome cheese. It sells other Western dishes such as homemade vanilla waffle, prawn and mushroom cream pasta, and the like. This venue is a no-kids-allowed zone.

TheSik Tteokbokki

TheSik Tteokbokki (spicy rice cake) uses minimal artificial seasonings, but instead boils the broth with dried anchovy, turnip, spring onion, dried kelp, and the like. It also uses marinated plum for sweet flavor. The gimbap (seaweed rice roll) tastes just like the ones that Korean mums make on the field trip day.

Oneultto Gelato

Oneultto Gelato is a small venue selling various unique gelatos, such as Imsil cheese gelato, Bosung nokcha (green tea) gelato, Achimhaetsal (rice-based beverage) gelato, Namhae yuzu gelato, and the like. The venue also sells watermelon juice.


Baeksui Chan

Baeksui Chan is ‘no-many-people zone’, which means that only up to four people can enter the premise. The menu includes root vegetables curry, deep-fried shrimp, stir-fried soba noodle, and others. The venue is rather cosy with interesting decorations.



Gupuda is a dessert venue that offers fragrant flower teas and various cakes and tarts. The venue is run by a tough-looking but friendly owner. When I visited, lemon tart, mugwort montblanc cake, banana pudding, and others were on display. The customers can also sample different flower teas before ordering.

Bar, Chagaun Saebyuk

I was drawn into Bar, Chagaun Saebyuk by the sign saying <ice-cream for adults>. The venue is famous for the ice-cream made from Irish cream liqueur, cream, egg yellow, and vanilla bean. About 6% alcohol, the ice-cream is usually topped with another liqueur. For topping, the customers can choose from six different liqueurs, including butterscotch, chestnut, and black tea. Also, the owner can make a cocktail that fits your taste depending on which alcohol you usually drink.

Café Peter Pan

Café Peter Pan feels as if I’m travelling a beach in Southeast Asia. The venue sells coffee and cold fruit-based beverages. Soy milk is available if you can’t add milk in your beverage. I recommend ordering Thai watermelon smoothie and pretend you’re at a Thai beach or partying in Bangkok.


Hyemidang specializes in homemade cookies. The venue sells chocolate brownies, kohakuto (Japanese gem-shaped jelly), character cookies, icing cookies, oreo meringue, party supplies and many others. Bulk order for schools or ceremonies is also possible.

Chungnyun Mall has been commended as a model case of traditional market regeneration and supporting local young entrepreneurs. I recommend visiting Chungnyun Mall to boost local economy!

※ The venues were visited on 20 June 2020. I recommend checking opening and closing days/hours before visiting.

 Jeonju Nambu Market Chungnyun Mall

Address: Pungnammun 2gil 53, Wansangu, Jeonju

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  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    This mall looks nice to visit. I will try to go in my next trip to Jeonju.

  • This mall looks great! All shops have interesting unique concepts ^^

  • Jared Sandler

    The photographs and accompanying descriptions about craft stores and restaurants of Jeonju Nambu Market’s Chungnyun Mall reminds me of Wonju City’s Central Market. I wonder if this concept is becoming more popular across South Korea nowadays, in order to bridge the gap between the traditional and the modern. In particular, I enjoyed reading about Baeksui Chan because only four people can enter the restaurant at the same time. Perfect for social distancing amidst the current Coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the assortment of travel paintings and pictures of Kim Sung Min Jakhwasil is incredible!

  • Brianna Salisbury

    I’m so curious about the Imsil cheese gelato, I’ll have to come and try it!

  • Kanna Orikasa

    I love these cute shops and cafes~ So Instagrammable! These are definitely places to go with girl friends and shop.

  • Thu Giang Vũ

    The mall is really cute and interesting and I enjoyed much every time I came. Thus, it is likely not so wel-known and both local citizen and expat seems to prefer Gaeksa corner.