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Take Photoes with Crepe Myrtle Flowers and Hanok


Crepe myrtle flower heralds the beginning and the end of summer. If you visit Jeonju Hanok Village during the summer days, you’ll come across the red crepe myrtle flowers everywhere. The flowers bloom and fall throughout July to September. They are seen for a hundred days, hence the name ‘baekilhong’ (hundred days of red). Today I’ll introduce the best crepe myrtle photo spots in the Hanok Village.

Gyeonggijeon West Gate and wall (Seomun Dambyorak)

Crepe myrtle flowers bloom beautifully facing the West Gate and the wall. I recommend taking two photos here.

  1. Take photo with Jeondong Cathedral on the background. It’s even better if the sky is blue and the cotton candy clouds are flowing.
  2. Take camera closer to the ground. It’s also good to have an object in front of the lens.

Gyeonggijeon Subokchung

Crepe myrtle flowers were in full bloom around Gyeonggijeon Subokchung. You can take quality photos by placing the hanok buildings and walls diagonally against the crepe myrtle flowers.

Stone walls surrounding Gyeonggijeon

Walking along the stone walls surrounding Gyeonggijeon at night to enjoy the summer breeze is very popular among both the visitors and locals. Take photos against the streetlamps. The photos will remind you of the quiet but elegant atmosphere.

At the stone wall pavement, I recommend taking photos with 16:9 wide to capture the whole crepe myrtle, with the streetlamp at the center. You may also place the streetlamp and Jeondong Cathedral on the right inside the vertical frame. One more tip, when you take vertical photos, give dreamy and dramatic effect by placing the person and the background at a distance.

September is the last opportunity to take the most beautiful photos of the year against the red crepe myrtle at Jeonju Hanok Village. See you all there, with your loved ones!

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  • Pavanskku

    Wow. Its so beautiful

  • yi xien Sang

    yeah..visiting baekilhong is the best choice for foreigners to have a good experience and the pictures look so beautiful when the sky is blue with white clouds in the background..

  • Palagani

    we recently plan to go this place but unfortunately its cancelled. but afeter seeing this pictures. i want miss a good place. feeling sad.

  • awwal christopher

    It’s really attracting the tourists and we can feel the beauty of korea.. good climate will give you best pictures here..

  • Hameed Tiger

    I would like to visit this place in different seasons to see the variation of the nature’s beauty..

  • Venkat Veeram

    Pictures with crepe myrtle flowers and hanok are really beautiful.

  • Bharatkumar

    Goo to see this place.

  • Melissa

    I definitely need to visit during Spring 🙂 Looks so gorgeous

  • Wonderful images, especially done at night when it’s harder to get a proper exposure.