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Jeonju Old School Foodcart Street: ’Dahamkae ChaChaCha’


In the 70s and 80s, people returning home from work or school used to stop by the food carts gathered at Sinjungang Market (Korean: Sijang) for nibbles. As Jeonju expanded, the traditional markets located in the old part of the city have experienced downturn. Thus, Jeonju City revived ‘Dahamkae ChaChaCha’, the food cart street of Sinjungang Market. The food cart street opens from 1800 to 2200, Fridays and Saturdays.



Delicious eats

For Koreans, food cart means cheap but delicious food from the school days. There are 15 food carts in ‘Dahamkae ChaChaCha’ selling a range of foods from homemade sikhye (Korean traditional sweet drink made from fermented rice), croquets, donuts, grilled cheese skewers, grilled sausage with rice cake skewers, mulhoe (cold raw fish slice soup), sushi, grilled eel, and seafood stir-fried udon noodle.



Rest area

Many outdoor markets don’t have designated eating and resting areas with tables and chairs. But ‘Dahamkae ChaChaCha’ food cart street has arranged such place for the visitors.

The tables and chairs made eating food very conveninet. Also, the area was air-conditioned and also has clean toilets. Families would love this place. Various events for visitors to the food cart street will be held here too.


Performances and events

‘Dahamkae ChaChaCha’ food cart street also holds a variety of performances and events. When I visited, many local visitors to the market were enjoying the concert.

The food cart street also holds ‘ChaChaCha Dokaebi Sijang’. In Korean, ‘Dokaebi Sijang’ is a term indicating a limited-time flea market. When I visited, there were carts selling homemade marmalades in bottles, homemade fans, mug cups, and incense sticks, hair pins, and hand-knit products.


If you’re planning to visit Jeonju this autumn, visit ‘Dahamkae ChaChaCha’ food cart street. It’ll take you back to the old Korean school days!


‘Dahamkae ChaChaCha’ Food Cart Street at Sinjungang Market, Jeonju

Address: Taepyung 3gil 70, Wansangu, Jeonju

Opening hours: 18:00~22:00 Fridays and Saturdays (open until the end of December)





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