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Spending the Summer Holiday at Jeonju Deokjin Park: the Day and Night

Summer holiday season has begun. Are you already packing up to leave for beaches and mountains? Anywhere would be great, as long as you could spend your time with your loved ones! However, some of you might not be able afford to leave your workplace for long. For those who cannot travel overseas, in this post, I will introduce somewhere enjoyable during both day and night. The place is Jeonju Deokjin Park.


The park based on feng-shui


Jeonju Deokjin Park is based on feng-shui, an ancient oriental philosophy of harmonizing people with surroundings. A geography book from Joseon Dynasty states that “since the city of Jeonju is surrounded by mountains except for the city’s north, a reservoir was created there to prevent subterranean energy from flowing out.” The origin of the reservoir based on feng-shui is extraordinary, because reservoirs are usually created for irrigation. The reservoir is the current Deokjin Lake inside Deokjin Park.


So, when to visit the park? To help your choice, I will show what the park is like during the day and night.


A cosy and peaceful park in the middle of the city

Deojin Park offers the three essentials of any holiday destination: water, shade, and people. The beautiful scenery of the park is the reason why the place is popular even during the hot summer’s day. There are special reasons why it’s worth visiting the park during the day.


Deokjin Park during the day 1: The lake filled with blooming lotus

Deokjin Park is where many student couples from the nearby Jeonbuk National University visit for date. Mothers pushing strollers and people walking their dogs also frequent the park. Most of all, however, the park’s popularity around summer season is due the lotus. During the whole July, you will be able to view the lotuses blooming all over the lake. Although last week’s storm slightly withered the lotuses, they are still beautiful.


This is a great spot for taking photos with your family, loved ones, and friends!


Deokjin Park during the day 2: Laidback time on the duck boat

Wild ducks live in Deokjin Lake. If you are jealous at the ducks swimming leisurely on the lake, I recommend riding the ‘duck boat’ (ori-bae). Travelling on the duck boat to the center of the lake will allow you some uninterrupted relaxing time.


However, it might be tiring if you have to pedal the duck boat. In that case, you can opt for the duck boat with a motor, especially if you are with a loved one! (I heard that couples often fight while pedalling the boat)


Deokjin Park during the day 3: music fountain to cast the heat away

The music fountain is staged four times per day. Although you cannot swim in the lake, just watching the fountain magically casts the heat away. The first show of the day starts at 1:30 PM, when the sun is at its highest. Three times during the daytime and once in the evening, for fifteen minutes.


Keep in mind that the fountain is off every Monday. Also, when it’s raining or the wind is strong, the music fountain is cancelled. Don’t forget, because your time is precious!

The sophisticated movements of the fountain are magnificent, but also the sound of water shooting up seems to blast the heat away. The songs for the fountain are very elaborately chosen. On the list include K-Pop, Classical, traditional Korean, and trot, making the show enjoyable to people of all ages.


Who needs to travel overseas when you can take photos in front of the beautiful lotuses, take a leisurely ride on the duck boat, and enjoy the music fountain? Deokjin Park during the daytime is worth a visit.


For those who want to avoid the sun

Many of you must try to avoid the scorching July and August sun. You might get burned, tanned and sweat too much. For those who want to avoid the sun, cooler Deokjin Park at night must be heavenly. The park after the sunset assumes more romantic air than the day. Let’s find out what the park’s night is like!


Deokjin Park at night 1: the night picnic

It’s only 8:00PM, but there are already many people waiting for the music fountain show starting at 8:30PM. The competition for good spot is on. I can see families who brought fried chicken and beer, friends holding iced coffee on their hands, couples busy fanning each other. Here, romance is in the air.


Deokjin Park at night 2: romance on the water screen

It says that the water screen is undergoing adjustment prior to screening. Against the dark night sky, the visual on the screen is very vivid. The music and video are screened from 8:30 to 8:40pm.

One interesting thing is that audiences can participate in the screening. The water screen accepts clips for special occasions such as a propose, confession of love, birthday, wedding anniversary, and the like. To lodge application, you can contact Deokjin Park office (063-239-2604~9) along with your clip and music.


Deokjin Park at night 3: colorful and fascinating music fountain at night

As the laser colors the fountain, things get more romantic. Also, at night, you can be less conscious of the public eyes. After the water screening end, for fifteen minutes, people dance along the music. Maybe it was due to the cool breeze blowing over the lake, I found myself humming K-pop.

The summer night of Deokjin Park is full of energy! It is different from the daytime. Not only the temperature is cooler, but also there are many events being held here in the evening. Soon the park will host a series of song contests and concerts in the weekend evenings. Family members, loved ones, friends, or whomever you’re with, visiting Deokjin Park is a great choice to spend the hot summer night!


Have you decided whether to visit the park during the day or at night? The park is in the middle of the city, so you can easily visit twice. The day and night has different charms. Do visit Deokjin Park this summer holiday!

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