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Jeonju Hanok Village’s Glittering but Relaxed Night View Tour

When it’s over 30 degrees during the daytime, you realize that the hot Korean summer is here. However, after the sunset, the heat recedes and cool breeze surges upon the night. How are you all spending the summer night? Are you wasting this precious season by staying inside?


As many people of Jeonju do, I also prefer to stay outside during the summer nights. Today, I will introduce you to the glittering but relaxed night view of Jeonju Hanok Village.



The night falling over the Hanok Village reveals what cannot be seen under the daylight. In the evening, the sound of water flowing over the village’s stream becomes more vivid. The cicadas and evening wind seem like a special guest of the night.


At the Omokdae Pavilion, I could take a view of the Hanok Village’s splendid and quiet night. In the weekend evenings, you can feast your ears with the sweet music of street singers performing here and there. Drinking a cold can of beer over the Namcheongyo Bridge while enjoying the night breeze will make your summer night an unforgettable one.

So, I will introduce in more detail the beautiful night view of the Hanok Village.



Music and the night: busking performances at the Hanok Village



In the weekend evenings, but occasionally in the weekday evenings too, sweet sound of music flows around Jeonju Hanok Village. A variety of busking performances are being held, from the Hanok Village-style Korean traditional instrumental play and songs to hip-hop, rock, ballad, and many others.


When I visited the Hanok Village, a very talented busker was performing in front of the Gyeonggi-jeon Palace. Filling the entrance of the Hanok Village with his sweet voice, he was drawing many people to the village. Already many people were sitting around to listen to him. I also stopped my footsteps until he finished one of his songs.



Walking around the Hanok Village, I came across another busking performance. The performance was taking place in front of the store “Jong-e-jeongwon (Paper Garden).” The band is active around the Jeonbuk Province area and performs every weekend evening at the same spot. The vocal guy, also known as ‘Jeonju Swings,’ turned out to be a quite popular musician in the area. The band even gave out presents to most enthusiastic audiences. Many busking performances are held in the weekend evenings and nights, don’t miss them if you’re planning to visit!


Enjoying the glittering night view of Hanok at the Omokdae Pavilion



As I strolled deep into the Hanok Village, the sun had completely set. About five-minutes’ walk up the stairs from the end of the Taejoro Street, the main road, is the Omokdae Pavilion, where you can enjoy the night view of the village. As I walked up, cool breeze blew past and the scent of grass surrounded me.



The lights from Hanok buildings and streetlamps mingled to complete the splendid view of the village. The whole village was quietly glittering, and I was enraptured at the scenery. There is a trail starting from the Omokdae Pavilion along the cool and quiet forest. The walk takes about an hour. Don’t miss it!


Cool Breeze and a cold can of beer over the Namcheongyo Bridge



The last spot to stop by during the summer night’s stroll is the Namcheongyo Bridge, a new landmark of the Hanok Village. Namcheongyo is a bridge connecting the Hanok Village and Seohak-dong district. In the middle of the bridge is the Chungyeon-ru Pavilion. From the pavilion, I could take a view of Kirin-bong mountain and the light from Dong-gosa Temple at the distance. The cool night breeze was blowing along the Jeonju-chun river.



As I was thirsty after walking around, me and my friend bought a can of beer for each and sat on Cheongyeon-ru. People were already spending time enjoying the cool night breeze blowing through the pavilion. This is a place for everyone, so if you choose to take a night stroll, make sure you stop by here!



Gain the energy to wrap up today and start anew tomorrow while strolling the Hanok Village at night!


When the heat of the day recedes, cool night falls upon us like a consoling gift. If you are wondering what to do at a summer night while staying in Jeonju, I recommend walking along the glittering but relaxing night of Jeonju Hanok Village with your family, friends or loved one!




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