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Slow Post-Box: A Way to Reminisce Your Visit to Jeonju Hanok Village for Long

Jeonju is a member city of Cittaslow International, the international network of ‘Slow Cities’ dedicated to improving the quality of life in towns by slowing down its overall pace. To provide a moment of rest in hectic everyday life, the ‘Slow Post-Box’ has been installed in Jeonju Hanok Village.

How long has it been since you have sent a hand-written letter to your family, friends, or significant other? Why don’t you let your smartphone rest for a while and express your feelings of the moment on a postcard? You’ll be able to reminisce your visit to the Hanok Village for a long time.


Red and yellow slow post-box

Earlier this year, the city of Jeonju and Korea Post collaborated to install ‘Sadrak Sadrak Red and Yellow Slow Post-Box.’ ‘Sadrak Sadrak’ is a local dialect expressing ‘going slowly with frequent rests.’ Both red and yellow post-boxes were installed at the Omokdae Tourist Information Center and Hanok Village Tourist Information Center.

The red post-box delivers domestically. The yellow post-box delivers internationally.


Delivering your postcards ‘sadrak sadrak’

The postcards stored in the Slow Post-Box are being delivered seasonally. For example, if you submitted the postcard in spring, it will leave for delivery in summer, after spending about three months in Jeonju.

Duration of delivery (indicative only)

Postcards submitted between 1st and 28th of February will be sent at the end of May

Postcards submitted between 1st and 31st of March will be sent at the end of June

Postcards submitted between 1st and 30th of November will be sent at the end of February

Postcards submitted between 1st and 31st of December will be sent at the end of March


How to use the slow post-box

You may collect the postcards for the Slow Post-Box at the tourist information centers where the post-boxes are installed. The postcards are distributed for free, but you should provide a few details such as your name, age, and address.

The postcards show photos of major attractions of Jeonju. It is magnificently designed so that you can recall the memories of your visit even after three months.

There are two types of postcards: domestic and international. If you want to send your postcard overseas, make sure to ask for the international one. Otherwise, it won’t be delivered!


Any precautions?

You must take caution to write clearly the name and address of the receiver. If the writings are unclear, it won’t be sent. Also, along with the sender’s (the Hanok Village) postcode (55040), the receiver’s postcode should be written. You can search for the postcode by using the computer inside the tourist information centers.


Send a letter to myself in the future 

While the postcards sent from ‘Sadrak Sadrak Slow Post-Box’ will be delivered in three months, the letters sent from Choi Myeong Hee Literary Museum will be sent in one year.

At the literary museum, you can buy a letter, envelope, and souvenir pen for 2,000 KRW. The literary museum will also ask for some personal details in case the letter is returned.

The letters submitted to the slow post-box at the literary museum is sent in one year. If the address is changed, you may contact the literary museum.

There is a table with a nice view of the Hanok roof to write a letter. What would it feel like to finally receive the long-forgotten letter after a year?

In the Hanok Village, you can encounter the moment of slow analogue sensitivity. Leave the smartphone alone for a while, grab a pen, and just let the slowness take over. Write postcards and letters to yourself or your significant others to share your feeling and memories. They will continue to shine even after some time has passed.



■ Hanok Village Tourist Information Center

Address: 99 Girin-daero, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk (Hanok Village public parking)

■ Omokdae Tourist Information Center

Address: 6 Taejo-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk (next to Hanok Village rest area)

■ Choi Myeong Hee Literary Museum

Address: 29 Choimyeonghee-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk (closed every Mondays)




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