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Meet Jeonju, the city of korean traditional culture, on the British Airways’ in-flight screens!

The city of Jeonju is the cultural, historical, and tourist center of Korea. Visited by over ten million people last year, Jeonju was ranked number three on Lonely Planet’s “2016 Best Destinations in Asia” list. In many aspects, the city has established itself as one of the best tourist destinations in Korea.

To let more people around the world discover the charms of Jeonju, during the whole September 2017, the promotional video of the city will be played on the screens of the British Airways flights. The airline operates in 75 countries and 200 cities.

It is the first time in the forty-four years of the British Airways’ history to conduct a promotional project of a city. The project proves the status of Jeonju as representative of traditional Korean culture. Also, this is an opportunity for the city, working to be designated as the ‘Special Cultural Municipality’ of Korea, to make a leap towards becoming a global cultural center.

The promotional video of Jeonju consists of the clip introducing the city as a ‘cultural center of East Asia’ and five Korean short films screened at the Jeonju International Film Festival. The promotional pamphlets about the city are also provided on the British Airways flights between Seoul and London. This will help more European tourists to find out Jeonju.

More information on Jeonju can be found on the city’s Facebook page for overseas tourists, ‘Jeonju, All About Korea’ (www.facebook.com/globaljeonju) or the city’s English blog ‘Feel Korea in Jeonju’ (https://jeonjucity.kr). Have a look and discover more about Jeonju, the city of traditional Korean culture!


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