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Relaxing Stroll Around Jeonju Hanok Village in a Late Summer Day


It’s still warm in September and the coronavirus is making everyone nervous. Today I’ll introduce some landmarks in Jeonju Hanok Village for late summer strolls, laid-back style.


Cheongyeonru Pavilion

Cheongyeonru is a big pavilion built in the middle of Namchungyo Bridge, linking the Hanok Village and Seohak Art Village.

Inside the pavilion, you can cool down with the breeze blowing over Jeonjuchun River. Also, the view from right above the river is spectacular. The night view of the pavilion is also popular among the locals.

Jeonjuchun River Trail

You may have spotted people riding bikes along the river. The Jeonjuchun River trail is great for both bike riding and walking.

In summer, the trail offers the lush green, cool breeze, and the pleasant sound of river flowing.

Hanbyeokdang Pavilion

Hanbyukdang is a pavilion built in early Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). Surrounded in lush greens, the pavilion is overlooking the river.

The view from Hanbyukdang is like an old Korean landscape painting. It’s surprising that such a serene place exists close to the bustling city center. If you feel worn out from the everyday life during this time of the coronavirus, I prescribe a slow, relaxing stroll around Jeonju Hanok Village!

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  • Jared Sandler

    Wow, those are some gorgeous pictures and special views from the Jeonjucheon Trail. The green surroundings make the Jeonjucheon Trail a pleasant place to exercise!

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Now is the best season to stroll and enjoy very scenic places in the rural and urban environment in Jeonju.

  • Muskan Slmani

    Hello dear friends🤝 Jeonbuk All about
    Korea 👍
    My Favorite Place :👉 In My Love I, Want To live on Hanbyukdang, I love it and my children Very much It is a quiet place I love a lot of quiet Places of Hanbyukdang teaches us a lot. It make us wander and peaceful at every turn. I will travel soon after this epidemic

  • Woo Woo

    I want to wear Korean traditional clothe and take photos here. How will they be beautiful!

  • Gavhar Nazarova

    As the name itself Jeonju ” perfect region” , this city literally defines the perfection. Whenever you are in Jeonju Hanok village, you feel like you traveled with time machine and appeared in a beautiful old city with full of historical charms and traditions.