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Family-Friendly Traditional Comedy Performances at Jeonju Hanok Village: ‘Governor’s Birthday Party’ and ‘Hunters Chasing Dragon’

Travelling families with children usually have different needs compared to solo travellers. Family travel may focus on education for the children or leisure activities for the parents. Jeonju Hanok Village can fulfil the needs of both. Today, I’ll introduce two such performances taking place at Jeonju Hanbyuk Culture Center that’ll satisfy every member in the family.

‘Governor’s Birthday Party’

‘Governor’s Birthday Party’ is a comedy performance that fuses pansori (Korean traditional musical storytelling typically performed by a vocalist and a drummer) and the modern musical. This performance is the modern adaptation of a Korean classic Chunhyangga.

In the original Chunhyangga, the governor is the villain that attempts to usurp Chunhyang, a beautiful girl who’s already engaged. However, in ‘Governor’s Birthday Party’, the governor is reborn as a different man thanks to Chunhyang. This is a comedy that both parents and children can enjoy.

‘Hunters Chasing Dragon’

‘Hunters Chasing Dragon’ is also held at Jeonju Hanbyuk Culture Center. Depending on the day, either ‘Hunters Chasing Dragon’ or ‘Governor’s Birthday Party’ is performed.

‘Hunters Chasing Dragon’ is a comedy about the hunters chasing the legendary dragon for fortune. Each hunter has interesting life story that the audiences can sympathize with. ‘Hunters Chasing Dragon’ fuses ‘kijopnori’, the local traditional flag play performance, several local folk songs, and modernize comedy performance.

The two comedy performances ‘Governor’s Birthday Party’ and ‘Hunters Chasing Dragon’ are the ‘steady-seller’ performances of Jeonju Hanok Village. I strongly recommend them for family travellers with children visiting Jeonju.


Jeonju Hanbyuk Culture Center

Address: Jeonjuchundongro 20, Wansangu, Jeonju

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  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Performing theater is a spectacular art. I really enjoy going to the theater, because it is a live show where the artists must have a great capacity to transmit the messages of the play directly to the public. So I should also go see these plays in Jeonju.

  • Jared Sandler

    I suppose every successful comedy requires the audience to be able to identify well (nd sympathize with) the characters. Sounds like this is the case with the audience connecting well with the hunters, as their quests to accumulate fortunes via the depiction of a legendary dragon manifests in ‘Hunters Chasing Dragon’.

  • I would love to see both of them! Atmosphere from photos look amazing ^^

  • Cristina Pérez

    Looks so fuuuun, would definitely write this down in my to do list….🥰

  • Chocolixer

    Are the shows non-verbal?

  • Monna Bhai

    The most Korean place.
    Beautiful hanok, traditional wedding ceremony, traditional Korean music performances, various sights and food.

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    Nice information.
    Performance itself is culture.