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Night Strolls: Ajung Lake and Gunji Square

How do you spend weekday evenings? I love to stroll after dinner. Today, I’ll introduce two lovely night stroll routes in Jeonju.


The night view of Ajung Lake

Ajung Lake used to be a reservoir for agriculture. Nowadays, however, thanks to the city of Jeonju, the lake has transformed into a rest-and-leisure area frequented by the locals. The lake is more beautiful during the night, when the visitors can enjoy the view of the illuminated walking trail surrounding the lake.

Parking is easy around Ajung Lake. Walk up the stairs, and you’ll come across the lake. If your destination is the cafés next to the lake, they’re also accessible by car.

This is the walking trail surrounding the lake. It’s total 2.4kms.

Throughout the trail, I came across the stage like this one. The lightings along the lake produce quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

There are plenty of benches like these along the trail. I suggest spending some time here during the stroll.

There were people enjoying their night stroll while wearing mask. I presume the lake is also a romantic date spot for couples.

Location: Uadong 1ga, Deokjingu, Jeonju



Illuminated hanok buildings of Gunji Square

Gunji Square, located in Jeonbuk National University, mesmerizes visitors with the elegant hanok building and splendid illuminations.

On the way to Gunji Square is the main gate of Jeonbuk National University, which is a hanok building. I was completely fascinated by the brightly lit hanok building-gate.

Walk straight for a while, and I see brightly lit Gunji Square at distance. “Gunji” means where the sky comes to rest.

This is the Munhoeru Pavilion. It’s located at the center of the lake, but there’s a stone bridge for accessing the pavilion. The pine trees surrounding the square are also magnificent.

The “Freedom, Justice and Creativity” sculpture blends well with the rest of the square.

Both Ajung Lake and Gunji Square are beautiful during the day, but they boast very romantic atmosphere during the night. If you’re spending a night in Jeonju, I suggest visiting these spots for a romantic night stroll.


Location: Jeonbuk National University, Baekjaedaero 567, Deokjingu, Jeonju


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  • Farnaz

    Great information!!

  • Jon

    Looks like a perfect place to go on a date!

  • I love that there is plenty of seating around this lake. In case you get tired, you can always have a seat and enjoy the pretty view of the sunset.

  • Tahir Mahmood

    Lovely and peaceful place. 🙂

  • Lily Cheng

    The night view of Jeonju city is really beautiful !!!

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Wow!, I must go there. Views at night are just amazing!

  • Garrett Hohn

    Great place to take a walk and see the city during the evening/night time hours. Great recommendation, thanks!

  • Jared Sandler

    Wonderful introductions of both Gunji (‘where the sky comes to rest’) Square and Ajung Lake. The latter reminds me very much of a popular walking route nearby Geumo Mountain in Gumi City. The night views of both Gunji Square and Ajung Lake are exquisite. Both destinations feature the rocking bench that make these routes ideal for a romantic evening stroll.