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Magnificent Night View Spots of Jeonju

As Jeonju has been selected as one of the top three must-visit Asian cities by Lonely Planet last year, the number of visitors is increasing. It is projected that more than ten million people will travel to this city of traditional Korean culture this year. Many of you may have already seen the impressive view of the evenly aligned black roof tiles of the Jeonju Hanok Village, shining under the streetlight at night. Thus, in this post, I will introduce other hidden but remarkable night views of Jeonju outside the Hanok Village.


Overlooking Jeonju from Donggosa Temple at Night


When you feel like washing away stuffy and tiring mood, visit Donggosa Temple in the evening. You will have the whole city below your eyes. The view of streetlights glittering among the old Hanok buildings is something that only Jeonju can offer. For the night view, I recommend visiting there between 6PM to 7PM, when the sky is turning deep blue. The best night view point is called ‘Jungbawi.’

▲ The night view of Jeonju from Jungbawi, Donggosa Temple


Glowing Reflection of Hyoja Bridge over Samchunchun River


When the dusk sets, glowing reflection of Hyoja Bridge appears over Samchunchun River. Connecting the old part of the city with the newly developed urban district (Sinsigaji) of the Hyoja-dong district, the Hyoja Bridge is another night view spot. You can ride a bike or just walk along the river to enjoy the glittering night view. During the day, it’s a common bridge, but in the evening, the bridge is dazzling. As it’s next to the Jeonbuk Provincial Office, you will easily find it.

▲ Hyoja Bridge seen from Samchunchun River

▲ The urban district seen from Samchunchun River


Look behind the Hyoja Bridge, and you will find the night view of the newly developed urban district. I took the long-exposure photos of the cars crossing the bridge. Be careful not to fall into the river when taking photo!


The Night View of Deokjin Park


The popularity of Deokjin Park is mostly due to the lotuses. But when lotus flowers are gone, the glittering reflections of the pavilion and suspension bridge fill the lake. Half of the lake is filled with the lotuses, while the other half is filled with the reflections. When I visited, it was very windy, but I eventually managed to take a nice photo.


Despite its popularity among the locals, the place was rather quiet when I visited. If you’re trying to take photos of the reflections, consult the weather forecast. When it’s windy, the reflections on the lake might get blurry as can be seen in the photos that I took.

▲ The night view of Deokjin Park



The Night View of the Historic Pungnammun Gate


As Seoul has Namdaemun Gate, Jeonju has Pungnammun Gate. The gate used to be one of four major gates to the Jeonju Castle. As a landmark of Jeonju visited by many, the gate is filled with history.


As the gate has been there for almost three hundred years, it has seen wars and Catholic martyrdom of the late 19th to early 20th century. It is also where most ceremonies and events hosted by the city take place.


When you take the photo of Pungnammun Gate, make sure you have all of the tower of the gate within the frame and lower your posture. It will give the photo the feelings of grandiosity and completeness.

▲ Snowing evening in Punggnammun Gate


Walking Along the Riverside in the Songchun-dong District


The riverside in the Songchun-dong district is a great place to take a walk with your family and friends in the evening. Over the Chuchundaegyo Bridge in the evening, you can enjoy the reflections of the apartments over the Seoho Lake and the river. The view is also great on the riverside too. They are both excellent places to take photos of the urban night view.

▲ Songchundong district’s Seoho Lake and apartments, seen from the Chuchundaegyo Bridge


The Night View of Jeonbuk Hyuksin (Innovation) City


This is the view of apartments and the lake seen from the park next to Onbit Primary School. The night view new urban district is dazzling. The photo is a bit blurry, since it was raining when I visited. Clear sky and no wind are crucial for taking photos of night view.

▲ The view of apartments and the lake seen from the park next to Onbit Primary School


‘Again, don’t forget that…’


1. Wear warm clothes when taking night view photos in cold weather.

2. The best time to take night view photo is when the sky turns red, blue, and black.

3. Be open minded to the views in front of you and just enjoy!


How did you like the quiet but elegant night views of Jeonju? When the weather gets milder, we could take better photos. See you soon!


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