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Visiting Restaurants and Cafés on Jeonju Gaekridan-gil Area Part 3

How did you like the last Gaekridan-gil posts? In this third post about Gaekridan-gil, I will introduce you to some of the nicest restaurants on the street. Please leave a comment below if you feel like recommending venues other than those introduced in this post.


Hyuil Siktak (‘Holiday Table’)


Address: 61, Jeonjugaeksa 1-gil, Jeonju, Jeonbuk

Opening hours: PM 12:00 ~ until all the ingredients run out (closed on Tuesdays)


“The menu, which has only one dish, changes every day.” Hyuil Siktak (‘Holiday Table’) is a ‘one table’ restaurant located at the center of Gaekridan-gil. The owner of the restaurant prepares only one menu per day.

There is only one table, although a long one, in the restaurant. Guests have to share a table that seats about ten people. You might eat next to a stranger. But then, those who came alone won’t feel lonely.

Hyuil Siktak offers a different dish every day. The menus offered so far include: tomato seafood stew and rice, bright yellow curry and rice, creamy gorgonzola and mushroom stew and rice, hashed beef and rice, creamy perilla seed and mushroom stew and rice, spicy chicken stew, and the like. The venue is always very popular. You may check out the menu line-up at the Instagram @in_holiday.




Address: 44, Jeonjugaeksa 4-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk

Opening hours: PM 12:00 ~ AM 02:00 (closed on Wednesdays)

Sangsuyeok is a subway station near Hongik University in Seoul, but Sangsuyeok283 the restaurant exists in Jeonju. The venue is a bit off-site from the original Gaekridan-gil district, near the Megabox movie theatre. The popularity of this place indicates that the district has been expanding.

Sangsuyeok283 is known to have the longest waiting line among the restaurants in Gaekridan-gil. The interior is donned with exotic fabric products and frames. Very sensual music was flowing in the background. The restaurant offers Italian cuisine such as lasagne, pork shoulder and cream risotto, shrimp oil pasta, and others at reasonable prices. I highly recommend trying garlic and oil based pasta dishes.

Sangsuyeok283 takes bookings from Monday to Thursday. The restaurant runs on first-come, first-served basis from Friday to Sunday. The venue is very popular on weekends, so you might have to wait for an hour.


Mathilda Jeonju Pizza Pub


Address: 36, Jeonjugaeksa 1-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeonbuk

Opening hours: PM 12:00 ~ AM 02:00 (open year around)

At Mathilda Pizza, you’ll feel as if you’re visiting a pizzeria at an American beachfront. The neon-sign says, ‘welcome to Jeonju, the hometown of pizza.’

Both outside and inside of Mathilda Pizza are decorated with palm trees. The black and white floor tiles, neon-signs, and green palm tree leaves makes me feel like voyaging to an exotic beach.

Despite the sign ‘welcome to Jeonju, the hometown of pizza,’ Mathilda Pizza offers American-style pizzas. For those having difficult time making choice, half-and-half pizza is popular here. All the pizzas, including pepperoni, Hawaiian, Mathilda, and Mac-n-cheese, has thin and crusty dough and generous amount of fresh toppings.

You can always enjoy pizza with beer. The pizzeria also offers hot dogs, burgers, chips, beers, cocktails, and others.


The young local trend-setters of the Gaekridan-gil district revived the old downtown through creative ideas and menus. Now the district is one of the hottest places in Jeonju. New cafes, pubs, and restaurants are popping up as I write this.

Wishing Gaekridan-gil continues to attract both locals and visitors, I finish the series of posts on Gaekridan-gil.

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