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Jeonju Nambu Night Market Returns After Three Years

The night market at Jeonju Nambu Market has returned after three years. I visited as soon as it reopened!

Jeonju Nambu Market is very close to other popular spots, such as Jeonju Hanok Village and Pungnammun Gate. The parking is also nearby.

The night market of Jeonju Nambu Market is held on Fridays and Saturdays. During the summer season, the night market is open from 19:00 to 24:00. During the winter season, the night market is open from 18:00 to 23:00. It’s winter season now.

The reopening of the night market has drawn a huge crowd.

Since the visitors were keeping to their right, it was safe and convenient to visit the night market. There were plenty of police patrolling the area too.

I entered through the southern entrance of the market. As soon as I entered, I was handed a free homemade fish cake skewer!

There were many food stands selling creative finger foods such as fried bibimbap balls, cup rice, vegetable balls, and many more.

I visited the stand named “Kingbapnae”. It sells the cup rice topped with sliced beef loin and torched cheese!

It’s only 5,000 won. Also, the spiciness can be adjusted too. One nice thing about night markets is that I can eat freshly made delicious dishes on the spot!

I walked past Jo Jeom Rye Soondae Gukbap (blood sausage soup with rice). It’s one of the most famous restaurants in Jeonju Nambu Market. Even until late, there were a line of people waiting outside the venue.

Although all food stands had the line of people waiting, I didn’t have to wait long. Even waiting was quite fun with watching all the interesting things.

Next, I visited a skewer stand. I couldn’t help but stop for the prawn skewers and the nakji (small octopus) skewers.

The nakji skewer was only 3,500 won. Other skewers were 5,000 won. The nakji skewer, which is quite uncommon, was warm, and the texture was just right. The spicy sauce for the skewer was good too.

I also watched a big whole tuna being sliced into pieces. It was quite spectacular. The fresh tuna slices were offered at discount prices.

I also came across the ‘bear’s foot bread’, which is a fried pastry topped with Nutella and banana slices.

The pastry was quite sweet. It was crunchy on the outside and very soft inside.

It’s the oyster and ark shell season! A food stand offered roasted oysters and ark shells.

As a rule, every food sold in the night market should not be priced above 6,000 won. Getting roasted oysters and ark shells for only 6,000 won is a good bargain.

I came across a street concert. The concert is held from 18:00 to 19:00 on the night market days.

There were tables and chairs so that people could eat the food they bought from the night market while enjoying the concert.

Jeonju Nambu Market’s ‘Cheongnyun (Youth)’ Mall, located on the second floor of the market, also seemed vibrant.

There were also the food stands that sells exotic dishes from faraway places.

My last stop was yukjeon (pan-fried battered beef) stand. I loved the flavor of the beef and the special onion sauce for the yukjeon.

Not only the food stands but also the stores of Jeonju Nambu Market were also open. People were buying the local specialties, such as moju (rice wine boiled with herbs).

Jeonju Nambu Night Market in not only about food! The concert was followed by performances.

Jeonju Nambu Night Market, which returned after three years, will cater to everyone’s needs! When you’re in Jeonju, don’t miss the night market!


Jeonju Nambu Night Market
Address: Pungnammun 1gil 19-3, Wansangu, Jeonju
Opening hours: 18:30 ~ 23:30 (Mar-Oct) / 18:00 ~ 23:00 (Nov-Feb)


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  • Bapi Mukherjee

    It is really a Good News that renowned Jeonju Nambu Night Market (18.00hrs to 23.00hrs) reopened again after long three years. Thank You Team Jeonju City English Blog for the informative Post !!!