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Hanok (Korena Traditional Building) Photos Spots in Jeonju

Jeonju is the city of hanok (Korean traditional building or house). Even outside the famous Jeonju Hanok Village, there are spots where you can visit hanok buildings. Today, I’ll introduce the best places in Jeonju to take photos with hanok buildings.

Omokdae Pavilion, Jeonju Hanok Village

We start with Omokdae Pavilion at Jeonju Hanok Village. At the end of Taejoro, the main street of the hanok village is a small mountain. It only takes several minutes to walk up the stairs and enjoy the view from above.

It feels nice to walk on the natural trail. Also, the view of the hanok roofs is stunning from above. Listening to birds and enjoying the breeze, it feels like a sanctuary away from the bustling Hanok Village.

Omokdae Pavilion, Jeonju Hanok Village
Address: Gyodong San1-11, Wansangu, Jeonju

Jeolla Gamyoung

I headed to Jeolla Gamyong, the newly restored provincial government complex during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). I’m looking forward to the interesting events that will take place here once the coronavirus situation is over!

Although hanok is traditional in style, buildings themselves are new here. I’m sure once the temperature rises and the premise gets greener, this place will be more popular.

​Jeolla Gamyoung
Address: Jungangdong 4ga 1-6, Wansangu, Jeonju

Gunji Square, Jeonbuk National University

For the last several years, Jeonbuk National University has been transforming into a hanok campus. At the center of the campus is Gunji Square and Munhoeru Pavilion surrounded by foundatins. The site is very popular to local families with children.

The university has been building more hanok-style buildings. I also recommend taking a stroll in the campus.

​Jeonbuk National University
Address: Baekjaedaero 567, Deokjingu, Jeonju

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  • Jared Sandler

    Picturesque view of Jeonju Hanok Village from Omokdae Pavilion’s nature trail!

  • Steve Joe

    If you go to Jeonju, the first place you want to go is Hanok Village.

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    I have been there and is really beautiful place. I feel everywhere in the Hanok Village is a great spot for pictures

  • Abbey Fox

    All of Jeonju is beautiful, but these spots are amazing!

  • Jared Sandler

    Picturesque view of Jeonju Hanok Village from Omokdae Pavilion’s nature trail!