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A Delightful Evening at Jeonju Samchun-dong Makgeolli (Rice Wine) Alley

If you plan to visit Jeonju during your vacation in Korea, you’ll probably have the best foodie experience. You’ll love the local dishes of Jeonju such as hanjeongsik (Korean full-course meal), bibimbap, or kongnamul gukbap (bean sprouts soup with rice). However, especially if you’re staying overnight, you should visit the famous makgeolli (rice wine) alley for a fun and delicious evening!

Jeonju has been renowned for good makgeolli thanks to the good rice from the Honam Plain and the abundant clean water from the mountains surrounding the city.

There are several makgeolli alleys in Jeonju. However, the makgeolli alley in the Samchun-dong District is the oldest and the most famous.

The Samchun-dong Markgeolli Alley is already featured in many television shows and visited by numerous celebrities.
In the Samchun-dong Makgeollli Alley, there are about 40 makgeolli venues. The blue and red Korean lanterns are hanging on the street. I already feel festive.

Each venue in the makgeolli alley offers unique makgeolli and food. The visitors get drunk over different makgeollis and fresh seasonal dishes.

I visited Yetchon Makgeolli. The interior is clean but still retains the feeling of a makgeolli house.

A yellow brass kettle was on the table. On the kettle it says, ‘I’m a bell’. I shook the kettle and the server came.

Depending on the number of people, there are several ‘makgeolli table’ options that comes with a kettle full of makgeolli and dishes that goes well with makgeolli. You may also order soju or beer, but makgeolli is the best here. I ordered the makgeolli table for two and soon the table is filled with dishes: samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), jokbal (braised pig feet), buchimgae (Korean style pancakes), fried eggs, roasted fish, komak (cockle), honghaptang (mussel soup), and many more. Before food, I start the evening with filling an old nickel silver bowl with makgeolli.

Today, I chose a makgeolli with clear texture. My and my friends cheered each other and emptied the bowl.

After emptying the bowl, we started the dishes. This is a well-braised jokbal (braised pig feet). I loved the firm texture and the flavor.

This is eggs fried with chopped vegetables like a think pancake. It’s a simple dish that goes well with makgeolli.

These are fresh cockles. The cockles were so fresh that no extra sauce was necessary.

This is kimchijeon (kimchi pancake).

These are roasted fish and mussel soup. Both go really well with makgeolli (and soju and beer too).

The highlight of the makgeolli table was the award-winning kimchijjim (kimchi and pork braised with spices). After tasting kimchijjim, everyone is ready to finish the next bowl of makgeolli.

I’m impressed that samgyetang is also included in the table.

This evening, me and my friends finished a big kettle of makgeolli and 8 dishes. If you visit Jeonju, I recommend spending an evening at the makgeolli alley in the Samchun-dong District. You’ll return with lots of fond memories!


Jeonju Samchun-dong Makgeolli Alley
Address: Samchun-dong 1ga 712, Wansangu, Jeonju

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  • Jared Sandler

    Great idea for the Yetchon Makgeolli venue to use a yellow brass kettle to function as a bell. This seems to add ambience to the interior of the restaurant. Among the food offerings, the hong-hap-tang and kimchijjim look to be the most savory. I wonder what the alcohol content is of Jeonju City makgeolli in Sam-Chun-Dong?

  • Bapi Mukherjee

    I have seen the Samchundong Markgeolli Alley in a K-drama.I will must taste Bibimbap, Kongnamul Gukbap and Markgeolli when I will visit Jeonju-City, in future !!!