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Jeonju is the most Korean city! Welcome to Jeonju-City Blog. This blog is trying to convey various information about Jeonju in English to foreigners. Which posts on this blog are you interested in? Please leave your comments in English on the blog posts published from May to June 2021. Various gifts are prepared for the foreigners who participated in the event. Go for it now!


May 6th(Thu) ~ June 28th(Mon)


Visit the blog of Jeonju city(https://jeonjucity.kr/) and post comments on interesting posts posted from May to June 2021.

*There is no difference between the number of comments per person and the possibility of winning.

*Winners are selected randomly.

💙Winner Announcement

June 30th(Wed)


Amazon gift card $80(1), Amazon gift card $10(20)

*Amazon gift card winner must pay 22% of the product tax.

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The Night Stroll with a View: Deokjin Park, Jeonbuk National University, Ajung Lake
  • Jared Sandler

    Much appreciated to the ‘FEEL KOREA IN JEONJU’ blog administrators for continuing to organize interesting comment events for foreigners. These type of events encourage active participation from foreigners and effectively promote favorable aspects of Jeonju City.

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    Glad to see your efforts to convey
    various information about Jeonju in English to foreigners.Great work! Keep it up,

  • Andres Felipe Guzmán Sánchez

    I had the opportunity to visit Jeonju on April and I loved it. It’s a perfect place to experience traditional Korean culture and to taste delicious Korean food including traditional Choco Pie.

  • Kajal Bistt

    Great to see this opportunity event. You did really hard work in conveying the various important information to us

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    its nice to explore Jeonjucity by the article.

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    There is many post from which we can get more knowledge about korea and Jeonjucity. Thanks for offering this to us.

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    Travel destinations hotel and transportation is very useful and beneficial important subject to know by every tourists. Please lights up on those areas.

  • Kalama Kaholo

    I think the posts that I am most interested in are the food ones as well as the tour one. It was nice seeing different cafes around jeonju that you can visit.
    Actually using this blog I even was able to plan a girls trip with a friend and places we can stop and try.
    What i would be interested in seeing more about festival information or information on one day classes available to foreigners. Such as traditional calligraphy or art classes.
    But in general i am thankful to have a site in English to learn more about a city.

  • Sameer Alam

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    Participate done
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