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The Night Stroll with a View: Deokjin Park, Jeonbuk National University, Ajung Lake


It’s a good weather for a night stroll. Today, I’m going to introduce three places in Jeonju for a good night stroll with a view.

Deokjin Park

The first night stroll spot is Deokjin Park. The park recently rebuilt the Korean traditional-style stone bridge that crosses the lake. Also, a new pavilion on the lake will be completed this September.

The new stone bridge is about 284m long and 3m wide. Also, the illumination is very beautiful

I loved the view from the top of the stairs.

Trees are illuminated too.

The pavilion is yet to be completed. However, the night view is already stunning.

I loved the view from the bench.

The streetlamps are everywhere in the park. I found the park very comfortable and nice to take a night stroll. I also enjoyed taking photos here.


Jeonju Deokjin Park

Address: Gwonsamdeukro 390, Deokjingu, Jeonju


Jeonbuk National University

The second night stroll spot is Jeonbuk National University, which is close to Deokjin Park. The university is renowned for the unique Hanok-style buildings. My night stroll route started from the College of Social Sciences, proceeding to Gunji Square Fountain, and finishing at Shinjeongmun (the New Main Gate).

There are swing chairs near the College of Social Sciences. They seem like great resting place.

I passed the College of Business, the College of Engineering buildings, and the Central Library.

From the Central Library, this road leads to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

This is the street near Gunji Square. I loved the traditional feel of the streetlamp.

Gunji Square is famous for the reflection of the pavilion on the water. The square at night feels very different from the daytime.

On the left photo is the shining ‘Freedom, Justice and Creativity’. On the right photo is the café in a Hanok building.

I like sitting on one of the swing chairs and enjoy the view of the playground.

On the way from Gunji Square to Shinjungmun is a place called ‘Red Box’. Exhibitions are held here. There’s also a piano.


Keep walking and at the end of the stroll is the well-lit Shingjungmun. It’s a hanok building that is also a gate. Because of the illumination, I find the building more beautiful at night.


Jeonbuk National University Jeonju Campus

Address: Baekjaedaero 567, Deokjingu, Jeonju


Ajung Lake

The last night stroll spot is Ajung Lake. Especially when you’re visiting at night, there are some precautions here, such as no barbeque, no skating, and no fishing.

I visited on a full-moon day. The reflections of the illuminations and the moon were very romantic.

The trail is very well lit. There are rest areas, stages, sculptures, and even a square in the middle of the trail.

The bench and swing chairs are always good for resting.

The trail isn’t short, but the night view is worth a bit of walk.

Ajung Lake is also famous for cherry blossom. The night view with cherry blossom tree is just golden.


Ajung Lake

Address: Wooadong 1ga 745-2, Deokjingu, Jeonju

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  • Jared Sandler

    The Korean traditional-style stone bridge crossing the lake at Deokjin Park looks magnificent! Ajung Lake and Jeonbuk National University seem to have plenty of swing chairs to enjoy the pleasant nighttime nature scenery.

  • Kanesh Ganesh

    Korean traditional-style stone bridge in the Deokjin Park is a kind of a beautiful attraction. I like the traditional Korean buildings like Gunji Square and ‘Red Box’ near Jeonbuk National University. Because, I like every aspects of the different cultures especially Korean culture. I like the eco friendly Ajung Lake. Even though some activities are prohibited there, the sustainability of the place is truly desirable. The images of the places inspires everyone to be there. Therefore, I love to have a night stroll in Jeonju as it allows to have some scenic views.

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    Wow, really looks beautiful at night. Specially Deokjin Park. I will visit that place in my next trip to Jeonju!

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    Wow. …gorgeous pictures. This article highlights hidden gems of Jeonju