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Venture into History: A Visit to Gyeryeongdang, Korea’s Oldest Senior Center

Get ready for a journey into the past, friends! Today, we’re heading to Jeonju, the home of Korea’s oldest senior center, Gyeryeongdang, which recently received the honor of being recognized as a local cultural heritage site.

🌳 “From Gathering Place of Joseon Elders to Today’s Vibrant Senior Center!” 🌳

At a staggering 426 years old, Gyeryeongdang has a rich and unique history, dating back to the latter years of the Joseon dynasty. It was a hub for retired officials from the Jeolla province and today, it serves as a dynamic center for the elderly, seamlessly merging its ancient roots with modern functionality.

🖌️ “Gyeryeongdang: An Architectural Gem and Cultural Landmark” 🖌️

From the late Joseon period through the 1920s, Gyeryeongdang has consistently earned high architectural praise, leading to its designation as a cultural heritage of Jeonju city in 2023.

Even if you’re a resident of Jeonju and not too familiar with Gyeryeongdang, it’s well worth a visit. It’s a place brimming with a scholarly spirit and cultural charm. So come along, let’s unravel the story of Gyeryeongdang together!

Walk across the Seocheon Bridge, catch a distant glimpse of Nambu Market, and a short stroll later, you’ll spot Gyeryeongdang’s sign. As you climb the sun-drenched slope, you’ll be greeted by a stunning view of Wansan’s seven peaks and behold – you’ve reached Gyeryeongdang, the oldest senior center in Korea!

🏛️ “Gyeryeongdang: A Haven of Elegance and Respect” 🏛️

Gyeryeongdang, also fondly known as ‘the cozy home for the elderly,’ features a striking scroll painting by the renowned calligrapher Seol Song, adding a touch of artistic elegance to its walls.

You’ll find a charm here that draws in visitors from senior colleges and centers nationwide. Stepping through the main gate, you’re met with a timeless symbol of resilience – the historic Gyeryeongdang, standing proud after over 420 years. It may be old and understated, but its grandeur is undeniable.

🎓 “Gyeryeongdang: A Hub for Scholars and Wisdom” 🎓

More than just a place to relax, Gyeryeongdang serves as a beacon of learning, fostering a culture of intellectualism among its members. As the former director of the National Museum of Jeonju, Cheon Jin-gi, put it in 2019, Gyeryeongdang is ‘the birthplace of scholars and scholarly spirit.’


🖼️ “Remembering The Past with Monuments” 🖼️

As you wander around, you’ll find monuments commemorating key figures in its history, adding another layer to its rich tapestry.

On a lucky day, you might even bump into the center’s caretaker, Mr. Choi Byung-No, and get a firsthand account of Gyeryeongdang’s illustrious past.

Inside, you’ll find photos of former leaders, historical documents, and other fascinating glimpses into its story.

🏰 “Stepping Into The Past in The Main Hall of Gyeryeongdang” 🏰

The main hall, a treasure trove of history, houses around 200 documents and portraits of past leaders.

Its walls tell tales of times past through various paintings and writings. It feels like walking through a live history textbook!

🌿 “Carrying The Torch of Scholarly Spirit” 🌿

While it’s wonderful to celebrate Gyeryeongdang’s recognition as a local cultural heritage site, it’s even more important to carry forward the scholarly spirit it represents and ensure it continues to inspire future generations.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little journey to ‘Gyeryeongdang,’ the oldest senior center in Jeonju. Here’s to it remaining a sanctuary for our elderly, preserving their wisdom for many more centuries to come.

So there you have it, our time-traveling trip to Gyeryeongdang is a wrap! With shared tales and memories, we part ways here. But remember, the world is full of untold stories, waiting for our next adventure. Until then, keep exploring!


15-3, Wansan 2-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do

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