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Travel Back in Time at the “Memory Museum”

Even in summer, the streets of Jeonju Hanok Village are crowded from day till night. However, Dongmun Street, next to the Hanok Village, is also filled with things to eat, see and enjoy. Today, we’ll discover Dongmun Street to bring back your childhood memories.


Coming across old memories while making new memories

What does ‘memory’ mean to you? Most people will come up with their childhood memories when they hear the word ‘memory.’ But why do we cherish our childhood memories, even though they’re not entirely good ones? Why do we romanticize memories?

I came up with the above questions as I entered the “Memory (“Chuok” in Korean) Museum” located in the Dongmun Street area. The old mole hunting machine reminded me of how I used to get rid of stress as student. I travelled back in time with my friends over a cup of coffee.

Memory Museum was originally located in the Hanok Village. However, the high rent of the area forced the owner of the museum to move to the Dongmun Streets. Now the museum shares the same building with LuiElle Hat Culture Center, which I will introduce in the later part of this post.


Travelling back into the good old times

Me and my friends, all into their 40s now, entered the museum. We’re surprised and excited to be reunited with the things that were around us when we were young. They connect our present and past.

After sipping a cup of tea, I turned my gaze to the wall. I’m drawn towards the things that are no longer around me: the little shoes and onesies that my sisters would have worn; the marbles and slaps for boys; paper dolls that I loved. I can’t even imagine how time flew so fast that I’ve grown into a middle-aged woman, forgetting about them.

There are much to enjoy in the Memory Museum. Reminiscing my childhood, reuniting with my teachers and friends, special exhibitions and a wide range of delicious teas. The museum owner’s really good at talking that we spent hours laughing. This was a good stress relief from the everyday life as an adult.


3,000 entrance fee will get you both in the Memory Museum and Hat Culture Center.

After a time travel at the Memory Museum, we visited Luielle Hat Culture Center, which share the same roof. The Hat Culture Center is the first of its kind in Asia, where high-end hat brand and cultural contents meet.

The hats displayed here are very different from the usual baseball caps often found on the streets. The ladies’ hats seem to go very well with the magnificent dresses that appears in European paintings. The gentlemen’s hats are artistic. Anyone wearing these hats will feel like going to a posh ballroom. My friend is just stunned by the hat shop in the first floor, underneath the Hat Culture Center in the second floor. She was very happy about what her bought.

On the stairs of the Hat Culture Center is written, “a hat shows everything of a person, beyond the person’s ideals, philosophy and life.”

It’s surprising that a hat can do this. A person’s ideals and philosophy are definitely based on the past memories that one cherish. Today will soon turn into the memory of tomorrow. Therefore, I’ll focus on enjoying my life today. I wish you could do the same!



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  • Aysha

    So much nostalgia in one place. As a lover of all things vintage, I think this would be a great place to go to when visiting Jeonju!