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Three Hidden Gems in Jeonju Chosen by YouTubers with 700,000 Subscribers: Katsu Morizo, Hanbyeokjib, Sangsan Tteokbokki

Jeonju, a city of taste and elegance. While Jeonju is known for many foods, this time I’ll introduce the top 3 real eateries in Jeonju chosen by YouTubers with over 700,000 subscribers.


| Katsu Morizo

“Katsu Morizo, A Premium Pork Cutlet Spot”

Katsu Morizo, a premium pork cutlet spot featured on YouTuber @MeatCreator’s channel, is located behind Jesus Hospital. I visited early in the evening, and it was full of customers around the bar table.

The menu includes various Japanese-style pork cutlets like loin, tenderloin, and premium cutlets. A motto about serving only the best cutlets without doubt in quality made me even more curious about the taste.

Delicious Loin Cutlet Perfect with Salt

I ordered both loin and tenderloin. The loin cutlet, being fatty, seemed like it would be delicious for those who like rich pork cutlets.

I personally like loin. Eating it with a bit of salt complemented its rich flavor, making it really delicious.

“Tenderloin Pork Cutlet with a Soft Texture”

Then the tenderloin. It’s a tenderloin pork cutlet fried at low temperature, resulting in a superbly soft texture. I also ordered it with curry. Eating the tenderloin pork cutlet with curry seemed to enhance the flavor.

It also paired well with apple sauce. Donjiru (pork soup), rice, and salad were refillable.


| Hanbyeokjib

This is Hanbyeokjib, a restaurant in Jeonju Hanok Village loved by a YouTuber from Jeonju.

“Delicious Food and Atmosphere with a Riverside View on an Outdoor Platform”

On a good day, you can sit on the platform, enjoying the view of green trees and the riverside, while eating freshwater shrimp soup and freshwater fish dishes. The restaurant also has indoor seating, allowing visits any season.

“Popular Menu at Hanbyeokjib ‘Saebangi”

Located at the end of Jeonju Hanok Village and recommended for tourists, Hanbyeokjib’s popular item is ‘Saebangi’, a freshwater shrimp soup. It’s hearty with radish greens and freshwater shrimp, filling even as a small portion.

When you order the freshwater shrimp soup, it comes with various delicious seasonal side dishes. They’re so tasty, you might finish a bowl of rice before the main dish arrives.

The soup is refreshing and clean, making it the only freshwater dish I, like Big Face, eat

Eating white rice with Hanbyeokjib’s freshwater shrimp soup feels like the ultimate food thief. After finishing, the generous owner serves scorched rice on a tray. Leftovers can be packed to take home.


| Sangsan Tteokbokki

From a YouTuber I personally like, @short_mouth_sun. She recently posted a Jeonju travel vlog, and there seems to be a buzz about the ‘Short Mouth Sun Course’ on social media.

The place starts to smell of sweet tteokbokki and savory fried food near the tteokbokki sign. Its exterior reminds you of childhood snack bars.

Sweet Tteokbokki Dominating the Spicy Tteokbokki Trend. I was curious if it would taste like the sweet tteokbokki from snack bars near schools!

“Childhood Memories Flavor, Sangsan Tteokbokki”

It’s 5000 Korean Won per serving. A full plate is enough for two to share. It tasted just like the tteokbokki in a cup I remember. I visited with my sibling, and we were surprised to finish the whole plate. It truly tasted like nostalgia!

So, I visited these three hidden gems in Jeonju chosen by a YouTuber with 700,000 subscribers. Thanks to YouTube, I discovered these delicious spots in Jeonju. I highly recommend them for your next trip to Jeonju!


📍 Katsu Morizo  24-3 Junghwasan-dong 2(i)-ga, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea

📍 Hanbyeokjib  4 Jeonju Cheon-dong-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea

📍 Sangsan Tteokbokki  13 Sangsan Tteokbokki, Hyoja Cheonbyeon 2-gil, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea

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