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From taking a stroll to learning about history! Omokdae, the cultural treasure of Jeonju

Hello, folks! Our trip to Jeonju comes to an end today.
It’s sad to say goodbye as our two-day journey comes to an end, but there are still many different and unique travel destinations in Jeonju. So, with a cheerful heart, I’d like to begin today’s experience! ^-^

Today, I visited this site to relive an important fragment of history. Introducing Omokdae! First, I photographed Jeonju and Omokdae from above. At a glance, you can see Jeonju preparing for spring after winter, which is breathtaking and makes your heart skip a beat!


Before discussing the magnificent Omokdae in Jeonju, I’d like to briefly explain what kind of place it is for the folks who are unfamiliar.


“Yi Seong-gye, who defeated the Japanese pirates, stayed briefly in Omokdae on his way back home.”

Yi Seong-gye, who defeated the Japanese pirates, stayed briefly in Omokdae on his way back home. It’s a historic and significant location.

In the fourth year of the Korean Empire’s Gwangmu era, Emperor Gojong erected a monument inscribed with the phrase “Taejo Gohwangje Ju Pil Yuji,” which means “the site where Taejo (Yi Seong-gye) briefly stayed” in order to commemorate this.

Imokdae, located near Omokdae under the Jaman mural village, is where Yi Seong-gye’s 5th great-grandfather, Mokjo Lee An-sa, is said to have been born. The Lee family lived in Jeonju until the time of Lee An-sa, when they relocated to Hamgyeong Province.

Like Omokdae, Emperor Gojong also erected a monument with his own handwriting in 1900, saying “This is the site of Mokjo’s residence” at Imokdae. This monument was originally located on a high ground to the east of Omokdae, but it was relocated to Imokdae due to a road expansion.

Now, let’s take a deep-dive into the interesting parts of Omokdae! Off we go!


You can get to Omokdae by crossing the Omok Bridge from the Imokdae area and walking along the signpost.

In general, Omokdae refers to the Omok Pavilion, the monument next to it, and the surrounding area. Overall, it is well-managed and a great place for a leisurely stroll and exercise. It’s also a wonderful place to take your family or pets!



“A place where you can walk around and enjoy while taking a break”

Omokdae is more than just a typical cultural heritage site for tourists; it’s a place where you can walk around and enjoy the historic site while taking a break. Even though it was still early in the morning, many tourists and locals visited Omokdae for exercise and sightseeing.


Let’s climb the stairs to the top, shall we?
As I walked, I noticed there were a lot of stairs! As expected, seeing a beautiful view appears to be a tricky task. However, because it is not a particularly steep hill, you can reach the summit in about 15 minutes.


A Drone View of Omokdae and Surrounding Landscapes

Finally, as I ascended to the top, I was touched by the Omok Pavilion’s breathtaking appearance. I stopped for a moment at the pavilion and flew my drone, which I had arranged ahead of time, to capture the scenic beauty.

The view of the surrounding area from Omokdae with a drone was captivating, comparable to other well-known attractions. The sight of traditional Korean houses stacked on top of each other was impressive. The daunting climb to the top was flushed away as I took in the beautiful landscapes.


Today, I told you about a place in Jeonju called “Omokdae!” Did you enjoy your stay? The truth is that seeing it in person is even more beautiful than seeing it in photos! Did you realize that?

Please see the details below for more information on the location!

Location: 55 Girindaero, Wansan-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
Off-days: Open all year round
Admission fee: Free
Contact: 063-282-1335

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  • Bapi Mukherjee

    OMOKDAE, “The Cultural Treasure of Jeonju” is really an Excellent Historical Site for Sightseeing. All Photographs in the Beautiful POST are AWESOME !!! Thank You Team jeonjucity.kr for the Informative Post which was unknown to me !!!!!