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The ‘Star of Hanok’ Accommodations: ‘Haessal Gadeuk’, ‘Borisu Jasu’, and ‘Saekdong Jeogori’

The ‘Star of Hanok’ accommodations in Jeonju Hanok Village

The city of Jeonju introduced the ‘Star of Hanok’ certification to control and enhance the quality of local accommodations and restaurants. If you walk Jeonju Hanok Village, it’s not difficult to spot the ‘Star of Hanok’ signboard. If you’re visiting Jeonju Hanok Village, why not plan your visit around the ‘Star of Hanok’ venues? They’ve all underwent rigorous certification processes.



Feel like home at ‘Haessal Gadeuk’

“When I was a child, I lived in a hanok building with a courtyard. When I started a hanok accommodation, I was so impressed by the sunlight that shines upon the courtyard from early morning. That’s why I named the accommodation ‘Haessal Gadeuk’ (full of sunlight)”.


As the name ‘Haessal Gadeuk’ indicates, the accommodation received plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Anyone would love to relax with a cup of warm traditional tea in this cozy hanok building while overlooking the well-managed cute courtyard.

The interior is very smart, neat, and clean. The colorful items and clean beddings make the room more interesting.

The owner, who loves teas, has prepared for the guests different home-made teas such as mugwort, lotus root, beetroot, and chrysanthemum. I loved those thoughtful touches.

I you’re looking for cute and cozy room, traditional hanji and embroidery decorations, and traditional tea, I recommend ‘Haessal Gadeuk’.


Haessal Gadeuk
Address: Hyanggyogil 97-24, Wansangu, Jeonju (2nd branch); Hyanggyogil 85-6 (headquarter)
​Contact: 010-8225-3326
Homepage: http://www.sunshinefull.com/


Appreciate charming embroideries at ‘Borisu Jasu’

“I named the place ‘Borisu Jasu’ (‘Borisu’: autumn olive tree; ‘Jasu’: embroidery), because I love the autumn olive fruit and I have been practicing embroidery for more than 15 years. I decorated this more than a century old hanok building with my embroideries and the visitors are very fond of them”.

The owner of ‘Borisu Jasu’ renovated this more than a century old hanok building. The traditional and the modern coexist here.

The visitors can appreciate the owner’s embroideries and even experience the embroidery. This venue also runs embroidery craftwork studio.

The embroideries enhance the mood of this old hanok building. This is only what Jeonju Hanok Village can offer.

I can see the thoughtful touches in all the rooms. The white beddings must be really comfortable to sleep in.

‘Borisu Jasu’ is more than just a place to stay a night. The guests will leave with a warmth ‘embroidered’ to their memory.


​Borisu Jasu
Address: Eunhaengro 93-5, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 010-5797-3117
Homepage: ​http://borisoops.com/

Try various experience programs at ‘Saekdong Jeogori’

“I love ‘saekdong jeogori’ (children’s hanbok jacket with sleeves of multicolored stripes). Just as a ‘saekdong jeogori’ boasts the colorful stripes, I wish the guests discover and enjoy the colorful charms of this place.

Near the Cheongyeonru Pavilion, I see the signboard of ‘Saekdong Jeogori’.

‘Saekdong Jeogori’ runs different experiences, such as traditional craft, walking around Jeonju Hanok Village in hanbok, and the like.

The guest can also borrow accessories and costumes and take photo in this photo spot. One of the walls are filled with the photos of the guests.

I recommend staying at ‘Saekdong Jeogori’ if you’re interested in painting, making rubber shoes, paper clay crafts, and wearing unique hanbok costumes. This place suits any groups: friends, couples, or family.


‘Saekdong Jeogori’
Address: Jeonjucheon dongro 64-10, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 010-4129-2950



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  • Jared Sandler

    It is helpful to know these three accommodation choices are highly recommended by Jeonju City, as per their ‘Star of Hanok’ designation. To me, the most interesting hanok featured is ‘Haessal Gadeuk’ because it offers bountiful sunlight, appears to be immaculately clean, and offers hanji or embroidery decorations to enhance a visitor’s experience.

  • Bapi Mukherjee

    It is very interesting to know on three “Star of Hanok” certified accommodations at Jeonju Hanok Village. ‘FULL OF SUNLIGHT’, ‘EMBROIDERY OF AUTUMN OLIVE TREE’! Wow! Really amazing Names!!!