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Preview to the 2017 Jeonju International Film Festival: Movies and Programs

The upcoming 27th April marks the opening of the 18th Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF). Let’s have a look at the list of screenings and programs!

The slogan of the 18th JIFF is the ‘Outlet for Cinematic Expression.’ The festival will be held for ten days, from 27th April to 6th May. The festival will take place around the ‘movie street’ in Gosa-dong district.

(Left) “On Body and Soul”, (Right) “Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess”


This year’s JIFF will screen 229 films (179 long, 50 short) from 58 countries around the world, which is the largest number of screenings in the history of the festival. The opening film will be “On Body and Soul,” which won the Golden Bear in the main competition section of this year’s Berlin International Film Festival. There are also a variety of films waiting for you in 14 programs including International Competition, Jeonju Cinema Project, Frontline, and others. In particular, this year’s JIFF set up a new screening place ‘Jeonju Dome’ which will provide the most suitable environment for concentrating on the screen.

The opening ceremony is bigger than that of last year. French actor and film maker Eduard Baer, who hosted the 2008 and 2009 Cannes Film Festival, and MBC newscaster Park Hye-Jin will host the opening ceremony. Among those who will march the red carpet include Ildikó Enyedi, the director of this year’s opening film is <On Body and Soul>. Many Korean movie stars, including Ha Ji-Won, Park Hae-il, Sooae, Jang Hyeok, and Yang Dong-Geun will also attend the red carpet ceremony at the opening night.

JIFF is more than just film screenings! You can attend different classes, such as the “Master Class,” where you can meet the artists who have achieved high cinematic accomplishments and pioneered their own film, and the “Cinematology Class,” which invites directors to give a lecture on their films after screening. Beyond watching movies, these classes will deepen your understanding of the art of film making!

20160504/제17회 전주국제영화제/스케치/청년몰/장훈우


There are also exhibitions such as ‘100 Films, 100 Posters,’ and ‘Song Gil-Han, the Writer of Cinematic Spirit.’ Other programs include ‘Musician Meets Film,’ the ‘Party for Audiences,’ mega-sized board games, flea market, craftwork workshop, outdoor stage greetings, and the like.


There are also huge special discounts for visitors to the festival. The locals and local university students (including one accompanying person) can receive up to 50% discount for the screenings at ‘Jeonju Dome’ and closing film too. This offer applies only to the on-the-scene booking and relevant identification is required.

Also, for JIFF Supporters, there will be 2,000 won discount for tickets to opening and closing ceremonies, Midnight Cinema, and Master Classes, and 1,000 won discount for general screenings, Talk Class, and screenings at ‘Jeonju Dome.’ The discount is available both on-line and on-the-spot. The same on-the-spot discounts are available for the senior citizens over 65, the disabled, and the registered veterans. For the veterans and the disabled, the discount extends to one accompanying person.

Those paying for the ticket for screening and souvenirs with KB Gookmin Card, which is a Gold Sponsor of the JIFF, are eligible for 10% discount (except those who already received the discount for locals). Also, those carrying Academy Badge is eligible for 50% on-the-spot payment discount for the Master Class.

As of 21st April, the on-line tickets for about 120 screenings are already sold-out. But don’t worry, even if you missed the on-line booking, the on-the-spot ticket is still available for the day’s the movie screening. Also, extra on-line tickets may become available when someone cancels or changes the tickets, so you might want to consult the booking site regularly.

Bear in mind that congestion and parking difficulties are anticipated due to the large number of people visiting the JIFF. On the opening day of the festival (27th April), the one-way shuttle bus will be running from the Jeonju Express Bus Terminal to the opening ceremony. From 28th April to 6th May, the return shuttle bus will be running from the movie street to the express bus terminal. The shuttle schedule is subject to change under traffic condition and the number of passengers, so please check the schedule in advance!

More information is available on the official website of the JIFF, http://www.jiff.or.kr. The JIFF blog, twitter, Instagram and facebook also provide news about the festival.

If you want to watch rare art movies of various genres or haven’t decided where to travel during the long holidays this May, the 18th JIFF is the place to be! The screenings of creative, interesting, and unique films and a variety of programs are waiting for you in Jeonju this Spring!




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