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The Night View of Jeonju : Exploring the Streets of Jeonju at Night

*This article was written in July


Many people can’t seem to fall asleep at night these days, even when travelling.

Taking a stroll around the streets of Jeonju before going to bed might help. Today, I will introduce to you the fantastic night view of Jeonju Deokjin Park and Hanok Village, both of which are close to the city center.


Jeonju Deokjin Park covered with full blossomed lotus 

People frequent Jeonju Deokjin Park especially during the lotus blossoming season, which is from July to August. During the day, you can enjoy the pink petals and green leaves of the lotus, but the lotus at night has different charms. The locals look forward to spend the summer nights with the cool breeze blowing over the lotus at the park.

At night, the lotus is budding, rather than in full bloom. The neat lotus buds of the night are also as attractive as the splendidly blooming lotuses of the day.

There are two bridges in Deokjin Park. Over the suspension bridge that crosses the center of the lake, you will be able to see ducks and ducklings swimming through the lotuses. If you choose to walk around the lake, you will discover a wooden deck protruding into the lake to the point where you can almost touch the lotuses.

In Deokjin Park, there’s ‘the Mailbox of Memory.’ Why don’t you write a letter to someone you love, to someone you’re grateful, or to missed ones, or even to yourself? One day, when the memories of your visit fade, a letter will arrive to remind of your love, friendship, and dream from the past. The mailbox will deliver the letter, along with your precious memories.


The music fountain of Deokjin Park is the dancing water fountain harmonized with video clip projections on the water screen, underwater illuminations, and music. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially during hot summer nights.


Below is the music fountain’s performance time
Spring and Fall (April, May, September, and October) : 13:30~13:45 / 15:30~15:45 / 17:30~17:45 / 20:00~20:30
Summer (June, July, and August) : 13:30~13:45 / 15:30~15:45 / 17:30~17:45 / 20:30~21:00
The music fountain does not perform on Mondays due to maintenance.


The tranquil but pleasant nightview of Jeonju Hanok Village

The streets of Jeonju Hanok Village at night are beautiful in tranquil and elegant manner. Under the arrays of Cheongsachorong (a traditional Korean lantern in red and blue colors) shedding ungaudy light, people were taking a stroll to enjoy the summer night’s mood of Hanok Village.

It was already quite late, but a street music performance was still celebrating the hot summer night. The performance wasn’t too gallant or loud, but a small and enjoyable one suitable to the calm atmosphere of Hanok Village at night.

The bustling streets of Hanok Village during the day give a quiet, relaxed, and elegant air during the night.

A lone lamppost seemed to beckoning me on the way up to Omokdae Pavilion. There were quite a few people resting in Omokdae. Cool breeze was blowing through the place.

This is Cheongyeonru Pavilion, where people come and often eat night snacks. This is also a great place to stop by to rest during a night stroll. You can play chess and go here, and it would be a good idea to bring along some cool drinks.

The nightview of Jeonjucheon Stream is great.

There is media façade show twice every Thursday and Friday evening at 9PM and 9:30PM. Dynamic images are shown on the walls of Pungnammun Gate with grandiose music to make the night of Jeonju more lively.


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  • Something I liked about Jeonju at night was the view, and the beautifully lighted buildings and temples, you can spend hours walking around and contemplating them, you can take amazing pictures of the traditional architecture.