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Korean Movie Stars’ Favorite Restaurants in Jeonju


Since Jeonju is famous for film production and the film festival, the city has plenty of restaurants frequented by the Korean movie stars. Let’s follow where they’ve been to!

Nam Joo-hyuk’s Yidaegamjip

Twenty-Five Twenty One’s Nam Joo-hyuk is one of the most trending and popular actors today. We heard that he visited Yidaegamjip, a Korean restaurant located in the Seohak Artists’ Village (only a bridge away from Jeonju Hanok Village), and had orijumulleok (stir fried spicy marinated duck. If you don’t feel like duck, I recommend kodarijorim (braised half-dried pollack). The side dishes are healthy and fresh. Many ingredients are grown by the owner.


Address: Seohakro 43-4, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-284-0438


Jang Hyun-sung’s Chojangjip


Actor Jang Hyun-sung is famous for playing a wide spectrum of roles, both heroes and villains. Whenever he visits Jeonju, he dines at Chojangjip, famous for the octopus dish. Last time he was there, he had a turban shell dish. The flavor of sea explodes in your mouth. To enhance the flavor even more, I recommend dipping a piece of turban shell in chojang (vinegar and red chilli pepper paste), add some leeks and a piece of chilli pepper with doenjang (fermented soybean paste).


Address: Jeonjugaeksa 2gil 45-10, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-909-9797

Lee Se-young’s Namdojip

Actress Lee Se-young has become an icon of romance through the success of the last year’s popular television series, the Red Sleeve. Turns out that she enjoyed makkolli (rice wine) table of Namdojip. Jeonju’s Samcheondong district (the ‘makolli alley’) is famous for such venues that serve makkolli tables where the rice wine is served with a variety of dishes. Namdojip is also one of locals’ favorites. I recommend trying tteokgalbi (grilled short rib patties).


Address: Goemasanro 11, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-223-1636

Song Kang-ho and Bong Joon-ho’s Omokdae Guksu


Actor Song Kang-ho and director Bong Joon-ho visited Omokdae Guksu when they were shooting Parasite in Jeonju. As its name ‘Guksu’ (noodle in Korean) indicates, Omokdae Guksu is famous for noodle dishes. The meolchi guksu (anchovy noodle) seems like a humble dish at the first look. However, the flavor of the broth is very deep and the texture of the noodle is very pleasant.


Omokdae Guksu
Address: Kirindaero 68-9, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-232-2255


Jung Woo-sung’s Yeongdong Dakbal Gamaek

That the actor Jung Woo-sung, one of the most prominent figures in the Korean film industry, has been here is a reason enough to visit Yeongdong Dakbal Gamaek. We heard he visited the venue late at night during the film festival. The most popular dish that makes people keep ordering the next round of beer is Cheongyang tongdak (chilli pepper fried chicken). The batter contains chilli pepper which enhances the flavor of the chicken. Also, the batter is very crispy. I also recommend trying fried chicken feet. You’ll be surprised by the dish’s pleasant texture.


Yeongdong Dakbal Gamaek
Address: Hyunmu 1gil 14, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-283-4997


Cha Tae-hyun’s Sungjin Myun-ga

Actor Cha Tae-hyun’s favorite food venue in Jeonju is Sungjin Myun-ga. The owner used to run a Chinese restaurant for 45 years. The venue is famous for muljjajang (noodle with seafood and starchy broth), which is a speciality in Jeonju. I was surprised by the amount of seafood, potato, and onion on the dish. The firm squid and soft potato go very well together. The thick broth is very flavorsome, with some spiciness. Although the dish itself appears more on the red side, it’s not too spicy. The texture of the noodle is nice too.


Sungjin Myun-ga
Address: Ajung Jungangro 44, Deokjingu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-272-1740

Kwon Hae-hyo’s Hyangri

Located in front of the Jeonju City Hall, Hyangri is an old restaurant. Even the former President Moon visited the place. Particularly during the film festival, the restaurant is frequented by the people in the film industry. Actor Kwon Hae-hye, who hosted the opening ceremony of Jeonju International Film Festival, loved the Byeongeojjigae (spicy pomfret hot pot). The secret of the flavorsome broth of the dish is the different pumpkins that add the delicate layer of flavors to the broth. The side dishes are great too. There’s one caveat: reserving a table at least one hour in advance is a must.


Address: Jeonjugaeksa 5gil 83, Wansangu, Jeonju
Contact: 063-272-6320

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  • Jared Sandler

    Wow, it’s fun to learn about Jeonju’s renowned restaurants through visits from Korean famous movie stars. Good work by the blog poster to research various movie stars’ culinary preferences while dining in Jeonju City. Among the recommendations, perhaps Sungjin Myun-ga is the restaurant which most caught my attention. I did not know that muljjajang is a Jeonju City specialty dish. The combination of potatoes, seafood, and onions looks splendid indeed in the muljjajang photo!

  • Bapi Mukherjee

    It is very interesting to know on different amazing Restaurants which are favourite to K-movie Stars in Jeonju-City from your recent beautiful Blog. Thanks for enriching my knowledge on different Korean speciality Dishes. Wow! I Will must taste BYEONGEOJJIGAE from Hyangri Restaurant because Pomfret is my favourite Fish!!!