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Jeonju Hyanggyo (Confucian School) Covered in Yellow Gingko Leaves

Autumn is peaking with colorful leaves. If you’re visiting Jeonju Hanok Village this autumn, don’t miss this great autumn spot: Jeonju Hyanggyo (Confucian School). The giant but graceful gingko trees of Jeonju Hyanggyo are famous nationally.

I initially visited Jeonju Hyanggyo bit too early. The gingko leaves weren’t completely yellow yet.

I revisited a week later. It was raining. I was worried that all the yellow leaves might fall in the rain.

I entered the main courtyard of Jeonju Hyanggyo.

It was as if the premise was covered in yellow silky carpet, too beautiful to step on. Although my shoes got wet and it was raining, I couldn’t stop taking photos.

It’s estimated the giant gingko tree is around 420 years old. The tree is 10.4m in girth and 32m in height. People suspect that the tree was planted in 1603, when Jeonju Hyanggyo moved to the current spot.

It’s customary to plant gingko trees at hyanggyos (Confucian schools) around Korea. This is because gingko trees symbolize the spirit of seonbi, the Confucian scholars. As gingko trees that repel insects, the Confucian scholars should not be corrupted.

Outdoor calligraphy and photo exhibitions were under way.

The Myungryundang building is known as very instagrammable spot in autumn. Traditional weddings and other cultural and educational events are also held here.

I sat on the maru, the elevated wooden floor of hanok building. For a while, I just kept watching the giant gingko tree and the yellow leaves falling in the autumn breeze. It was very relaxing but also thought-provoking.

Visit Jeonju Hyanggyo this week to enjoy the place covered in the yellow gingko leaves. It’s one of the best autumn destinations in Korea!


Jeonju Hyanggyo

Address: Hyanggyogil 139, Wansangu, Jeonju

Contact: 063-288-4544

Opening hours: 09:00~17:00 (from late autumn to early spring); 09:00~18:00 (from late spring to early autumn)

Admission is free

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  • Farid Rami

    Thank you dear for this unique and lovely gift
    I don’t miss such a charming view.
    Let me taste of the true beauty korean culture When we think of beauty in nature, we might most immediately think of beautiful things that dazzle us often it is merely the perception of these things gives us the pleasure , because it’s filled with things to see, and enjoy so it is deemed the number 1 tourist destination for me . The better my plan for my trip the more i will enjoy it.
    down the memory lane back to the good old days when times were simpler here! quietly flowing through the years and carrying with them the beautiful memories of many people
    JEONJU HYANGGYO No words to compare the beauty that possess this place With others places Jeongeup is a wonderful and amazing place rich in history
    trip to JEONJU HYANGGYO all dreams can come true .i can make unforgettable memories in my life and i can see Another world is different and enjoyable so many wonderful things , gorgeous cultural sightings, and give me all beautiful things that I love it’s gives me a insight different life styles. It’s also important to learn about a culture. and made me very aware about many fun and interesting aspects about korean culture Nothing makes for a more relaxing sight than this place where We can see the nature colors by Different colors As well as see the historical building and In addition to:
    – exhibition in the open air
    – Art & Culture
    – Calm in this place
    – good place for photographs

  • Ever Enrique Castillo Osorio

    I really like the autumn season in Korea, it is very beautiful everywhere, the color of the leaves on the trees and the falling leaves, it is like a natural carpet. Also it is not so cold yet and no so hot anymore, very good for strolling!.

  • Jared Sandler

    Thanks to 성태민 for sharing the wonderful photographs of Jeonju Hyanggyo during autumn season. I did not know that gingko trees are often planted nearby hyanggyos. That is really interesting because the trees repel insects and is symbolic of Joseon Dynasty scholars mindset.

  • Thái Thanh Tuấn

    The place is so nice.

  • Nurenza Lee

    Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures of Jeonju ! Autumn season in Korea looks so beautiful, the fall leaves and everything , can’t wait to visit Jeonju!

  • Nguyễn Minh Ngọc

    It’s as beautiful as a movie scene! I’ll put it in the bucket list for next fall ^^

  • Radhakrishna Pillai N

    Novel …….. Example for the immortal beauty of Jeonju.

  • 鳥あきら

    seems like a relaxing and quiet place to rejuvenate and relax with nature

  • Emila Clarke

    this looks like a Kdrama , i would love to visit

  • Maria Clara

    this is the beauty of nature, so peaceful, filled with nature and history, i sure do wanna come and visit, the pictures itself makes me so happy, i just wana realise it in real for sure

  • Kamran Akmal

    such a beautiful place, i would love to visit during autumn