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The Jeonju Dreamland has just reopened

Let’s head out for a trip to Jeonju!

The Jeonju Dreamland has just reopened.

Many of us remember the happiest and most joyful moments of our childhood as those times when we visited an amusement park, hand in hand with our mom and dad, right?

This time, I’m going to introduce Jeonju Dreamland, located in the Jeonju Zoo. Dreamland has recently reopened after being closed for approximately 1 year and 3 months due to a safety incident, having passed a thorough safety inspection.



“Jeonju Hotspot, Jeonju Dreamland Reopens After Precise Safety Inspections.”

Jeonju Dreamland, which first opened in 1978, had previously faced safety issues due to the aging of its facilities. However, it has now been updated and reopened after successfully passing a detailed safety inspection.

Despite the cold weather, around minus 4 degrees Celsius, the day we visited Dreamland was lively with many visitors.


Now, let’s take a walk together into the newly renovated Jeonju Dreamland.

As you enter the Jeonju Zoo and walk straight for about 100 meters from the main gate, Dreamland is located on your left.

Along the path to Dreamland, you’ll notice promotional flags featuring animals like Ussuri brown bears and hippos from the Jeonju Zoo. Following this path, Dreamland soon comes into view on your left.

Entering Dreamland, the first thing you see is a haunted house directly ahead.

To the left of the haunted house, there’s a space where you can ride a UFO saucer airplane (a spacecraft).

The rides are painted in vivid and bright colors, making them look fresh and new compared to before.

Further inside, you’ll find a carousel.

Dreamland has also gained popularity as a filming location for the global superstars, BTS.

It’s been reported that in 2019, a BTS member shot a scene for the BTS “Summer Package” and “Love Yourself” highlight music video on the Jeonju Dreamland carousel, reminiscing about the past in a black-and-white clip.

Thanks to BTS, Dreamland has gained international fame.

Below the carousel, there’s a swing ride. It appears there’s a queue of people waiting to enjoy the rides, possibly because Dreamland has just reopened after a long closure.

Also, there’s an amusement ride named “electronic fighter plane,” shaped like a rocket and painted in bright colors, ready to welcome guests.

Even on a particularly cold day when we visited Dreamland, many visitors were enjoying the sky bicycles, gliding through the air with the wind in their faces.

While Dreamland’s Viking ride might not match the grand scale of those found in the largest amusement parks, it offers a size that’s perfect for both children and their families, setting it apart as a unique attraction.

The Ferris wheel, located at the very back of Dreamland, operates gracefully.

Riding the Ferris wheel gives you a chance to look down and see not just Dreamland, but also the Jeonju Zoo and even as far as Hoseong-dong, all in one sweeping glance.

The Blue Dragon Train could arguably be considered the ride that provides the most exhilarating speed experience in Dreamland.

Descending at high speed on the Blue Dragon train and screaming seems like an effective way to release stress, as the shouts and cheers carry it all away.

Although photos might not do justice to the feeling of speed, watching the video provided below will let you truly appreciate the swift motion of the Blue Dragon train and the other rides.

Below the swing ride, the younger crowd was seen enjoying themselves on the bumper cars.

The sight of the duck boats circling on the water near the entrance to Dreamland also brings a sense of warmth.

Observers can also see fathers, holding their children, gently riding the carousel.

Despite being wrapped up in a scarf, mask, and gloves to film the attractions, it was so bitterly cold that my hands ended up freezing.

One dad had wrapped his child warmly in his jacket to protect them from the cold, braving the carousel together, even though he was just in a short-sleeved shirt himself. It must have been quite chilly for him.

Such moments are a testament to the incredible resilience and warmth of fathers.

Against the backdrop of the sky bicycle ride, the Viking and Ferris wheel come into view, alongside the noticeable structures of the Blue Dragon train and sky bicycle tracks.

The recent painting of the amusement facilities in bright and attractive colors makes the whole of Dreamland feel rejuvenated, almost as if all the rides were newly installed.

The park charms visitors with its retro, yet heartwarming colors, touching the hearts of all who visit.

The sight of the electronic fighter planes in action, ascending and then gliding sideways, looks to offer an amusing experience.

Trying the electronic fighter planes is on my list for the next visit.

This wraps up our look at the recently reopened hotspot, Jeonju Dreamland.

Jeonju Dreamland is set to win the hearts of not only the people of Jeonju but also those from across the country!

I hope that more people will make their way to Jeonju Dreamland, now more than ever.



📍 Jeonju Dreamland  68 Sori-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do
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